Snow White and The Huntsman

*major spoiler alert so read at your own risk*

Today I went to the movies with Anny Bunny and Evy to watch Snow White and The Huntsman. Since I really love the fairytale and all I just had to see this movie! Judging from the trailer, it seemed like a darker version of Snow White and it looked pretty promising with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. But then I saw Kristen Stewarts face. I’ve never really liked Kristen Stewarts acting because it’s so…how do I say…emotionless. Although i’m a fan of the Twilight books i’ve never really liked the movies because she was in them. So I was a little disappointed when I saw that she’d been cast as Snow White but decided to give it a shot anyways since I really like the fairytale.

So, I went to the movies, had my hopes up and was all excited and all. The beginning was very good, I thought. Started out good and the little girl playing Snow White was very cute and charming. Until she grew up. I really, reaaally tried to like Kristen Stewart as Snow White but she couldn’t (or never have been able to) really…captivate me with her acting, make me feel for her or with her. There was this scene where she would have this “pump up” speech and get the people to fight with her. Must’ve been the lamest speech ever. Sure, the words were there but the energy was lacking and it wasn’t very convincing. I couldn’t help but laugh a little and roll my eyes because I couldn’t take her seriously.

And, were there supposed to be a romance between the huntsman and Snow White? Because I sure as hell got surprised when he suddenly confessed his love for her when she was “dead” and then kissed her! I just thought it was sooo awkward because I see the huntsman as a fully grown man in his mid 30’s maybe, who’s had a wife and everything and then falls in love with Snow White, who I see as a teenager, maybe around 16 or so. It shouldn’t have been so weird but the chemistry between Chris and Kristen was like, non-existent.

And for the Ghibli fans out theredidn’t the scene where they were in the enchanted forest and these forest spirits popped out from nowhere who led her to a…wait…a deer god (!!) remind you an awful lot of Princess Mononoke?! I was like: What the eff?? So totally random!

The characters that DID make it worth watching was Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and the dwarves. Charlize made an excellent queen and she totally owned this movie! Couldn’t have asked for a better Evil Queen. The character William though, didn’t do very much to the movie. You could’ve cut him from the movie and it wouldn’t affect much. I really liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean though.

Overall, I was kind of disppointed. I left the theater feeling unsatisfied, so did my friends. Such a shame because I really wanted to like it. I tried to. But no.


It’s ridiculous how incredibly lazy I get when I have a day off or two. I sleep in til late, sit by the computer all day, play TV-games, lie in bed and scratch my ass or watch a movie or two when I apparently have other things to do that’s more important. I got to like, plan my day or put up a schedule whenever I don’t work to NOT waste my entire day on absolutely nothing. My promise to myself of getting fit for Korea isn’t going very well right now and this past week that i’ve been sick, i’ve been skipping beachvolley practice too to get well. So every minute I’m being lazy, like right now when i’m sitting on the bed and writing this post, I feel like my ass is growing bigger as we speak!

GOTTA FOCUS JEN, FOCUS!! *O* *untz untz untz*

Now that i’ve gotten a little bit better at least, imma go to the practice tomorrow. Let’s hope that it has stopped raining by then or it’ll be wet-volley.

And geez, I can’t seem to get this song ot of my head! Been obsessing over F(X)’s Electric Shock ever since it came out. So good!

Btw, did I ever tell you guys that I finished Rooftop Prince just the day after I wrote that post about it? It was so gooooooood!! I so cried at the end….yes I cried…really recommend it to anyone who’s interested in K-drama. One of the better dramas i’ve seen actually. So if you haven’t seen it yet, GO N WATCH! NAAOW!

About time!

Hell yeah! About time I started blogging again! Can’t believe it’s been a week since I last wrote something. Bad, bad Jen! But yeah, i’ve caught a freakin cold and been stuck in bed with mild fever, runny nose and a bloody cough from hell who won’t go away! A lot has happened this week though so to fill you in on my week imma just summarize my whole week for ya. I’ve been:

  • To Lisas graduation in Värnamo
    Never been to Värnamo (= Da woods) before and the town sure is small! And so many asians!! Me of all people should be used to a lot of asians in a group but usually i’m in them and know most of them. These people were tiny asian farts in the ages of 13 to 20 and I didn’t know a single one .__. Vietnamese town for reaaals! 
  • Hunny Bunnys housewarming party
    The day after the graduation I had to go straight back to Göteborg for my sweetest little Hunny Bunnys party. She finally moved in with her boyfriend permanently this week and after a looong loong time of talking about having a party it finally happened this saturday. They invited a bunch of friends over and she had prepared like, soooo much food!! I’m still waiting for the pictures so in meanwhile, the foodmonster that I am, we just have to settle with the food pictures I snapped at the party for the moment ^^;; 

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  • Went to get the vaccinations
    I finally went to the clinic this week to get my vaccinations and I was recommended to get vaccinated against Typhoid fever and Hepatitis A+B. I know that wifey and the others took the vaccine for Japanese encephalitis too but the nurse said I didn’t really have to take it if I wasn’t going to be at the countryside for over 3 weeks. The vaccine costs like freakin 1000 SEK (~143 USD) EACH and I have to take it twice so it really makes me consider if I really have to take it…I mean…do I have to? Sure, we are going to visit Busan, Daegu and other small towns but I don’t think we’ll stay at the countryside for more than a couple of days. What do you guys think?
  • Farewell to Xier
    And lastly, we had to say goodbye to Xier again since she’s going to Shanghai to study language for a year but before that, she’s going to do an epic trip to countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and more, together with her friend Michel and my dearest Tingting. Hope you have a safe trip and i’ll see you again in Korea ;D

Rooftop Prince

I’ve been craving for a new K-drama to watch for a while now and now that I don’t have school anymore, I can watch as many and as long as I can without interruptions, hihi! So yesterday I came by Rooftop Prince with Micky Yoochun from JYJ and I’ve heard from friends who’ve seen it, that it’s supposed to be very good but I wasn’t really interested because Micky was in it. I gotta be honest and say that i’m not very fond of Micky, he was like my least favorite member in DBSK and I wasn’t too fond of his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan Scandal either even though I liked the drama (haaaa~ Song Joong Ki :33). He was so stiff and I wasn’t really feeling his emotions in it BUT!

I decided to give this drama a chance anyways because the plot seemed interesting and i’ve heard so much good about it. So yesterday I started watching and dear Krisus am I glad that I did! I’ve been laughing non stop ever since I started watching and Micky, he’s doing a very good job! I’m glad that he has improved, he’s doing a hella good job in this drama! So if you hesitate, don’t! Go and watch! NOW! Imma continue watching mine, on ep 8 already :3 so much drama!

A prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of the girl he loved. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

– synopsis from dramawiki

Beachvolley day 1 – check!

So as the title says, I had my first beachvolley training today and it was so awesome to get started again! We just did some easy exercises like bumps (i think it’s called in english .__.) to get started and finished the exercise with some games. Overall it wasn’t such a hard training today but it was still fun and a good start.

My arms are completely dead but that’s how it’s supposed to be right? Just shows how long it was since I last played, hahha!

Guess what?

Guess what arrived in my mailbox yesterday? Hihi!

My admission letter from HUFS has finally arrived! Now i’m a tiny step closer to Korea, hihi! ^^ So the things I have to fix now is to book a flight ticket, fix the visa, get a vaccination shot and tons of other small things before everything’s completely done. But it’s nothing that I can’t manage! hohoh! Hwaiting!!

You can do it!

Lying here on my bed, killing time before I have to go to work. I was supposed to work from 12pm to 9pm today but the boss called and asked me if I could work from 7pm to 5am instead, which was actually fine by me since I like working nights. The only consequence is that my daily rhythm gets effed up and I’m so nervous going back to work because I haven’t been working there for a whole year. I get a little anxious just by thinking about it. Although i’ve worked there for three summers now so I should be able to manage it. Remind me to look for another job next summer…

But but! I can do it! 화이팅!! FIGHTING! (Please just don’t let there be any drunk people tonight!)

Yeah, like…don’t even mind the eyebags..I know they’re HUUGE! xD

Port du Soleil

ROJROHJWHJWE¤OTII%!#%=!#%(=&(=&!&I!=(&¤=&(¤” GRAAAUUUR!!! *breathe breathe*. Sorry. Just had to vent some, hahah! Don’t know why but i’ve been in quite down lately. Is it because of the weird ass swedish weather who can’t make up it’s mind about whether to keep it summer or regress back to spring? Or the fact that i’m starting to work tomorrow? Can’t make up my mind. But, nothing to whine about! I need to work so I can earn more money to spend in Korea right? Just need to keep my mind focused on that, hihi!

This weekend I celebrated my friend, Anders, birthday together with a bunch of friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was really nice, doing some catching up with some old friends during taco-dinner and after that we immediatly went to drinking-games and prepartied some before heading out to a club called Port du Soleil. I had only heard about how good this club was supposed to be from people who had been there last year so I had high hopes, coming here for the first time this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my high heels so I felt ridiculously short and WAS ridiculously short too, standing on my 165 cm with my low-heeled boots on, because I kept getting stepped on, elbowed, pushed around and people kept getting stuck in my freakin ponytail. Freakin abused wtf! Despite not being able to dance to the house music (or if you wanna call jumping up and down and fistpumping dancing…) I had a good time with my friends! Next time I come here, i’ll make sure to wear my high heels though!

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För de har tagit studenten~

Sitting here, all newly showered and feeling fresh! Starting to feel a little bit tired but I just wanted to do a tiny picture update of yesterday when some friends of mine graduated from high school. Made me think of my own graduation 4 years ago. Freakin 4 years ago! Felt so old at the reception yesterday haha ;__;

Made some vietnamese dessert with my Mami a few hours ago too. Think they were called Banh Xu Xe. They have like this green, jelly-like texture on the outside and a sweet mung bean paste with coconut shreds in the middle. Pretty good actually!

And yeah, as you guys may know VIXX debuted a while ago and these guys are pretty good! The song is very good and the MV is very colorful and decent AND they sing live pretty well too! So, so far they have my interest, although I can’t say the same for DSP Ent. new group A-Jax…sure they had this dope MV (oh lord, I just couldn’t help but laughing my ass off when that voldemort-monster-looking-thingie popped up!) but the song wasn’t even that memorable or good (sorry!). Apparently, they spent quite a lot on the MV with the all of the CG effects and stuff. I wished that they’d spent the money on creating a badass song instead because they do seem like they have the potential to become big. What do you guys think? But so far, I gotta say that my favorite rookies of this year is EXO, B.A.P and VIXX.