Oh hell to the yeah! LMFAO and Far East Movement on the same stage tomorrow in Annexet and I’m so freakin EXCITED!! My brother and his girlfriend came from Göteborg today and they’re staying with me at my place today. We’re sitting here pumping ourselves up with some Sexy and I Know It and Like a G6. *untz untz untz* EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED!! Did I say that I was excited??

By the way, one thing i’ve been wondering for a long time since I started the blog is…do you guys think that I should start blogging in swedish? I mean, there’s really no swedish blogger who blogs about Korean pop music and stuff like that. Okey, maybe there is a few but I don’t know, haven’t come across anyone at least. There is a famous swedish blogger named Foki who blogs about K-POP sometimes but she’s writes mainly about japanese…sugarcandy cute stuff.

The interest for K-Pop and Korea has begun to flourish in Sweden and I since I’m mainly going to write about Korea, KPOP and my Korean fashion-inspired style, I think that many in Sweden would actually find it interesting to read my blog. But since most of friends are from different countries, maybe it would be better to keep it in english?

Så jag frågar er, ska jag börja blogga på svenska or continue to write in english?

BTW! Noticed my new header? A friend of mine, Kevin, helped me design and make it. Love it!