You can do it!

Lying here on my bed, killing time before I have to go to work. I was supposed to work from 12pm to 9pm today but the boss called and asked me if I could work from 7pm to 5am instead, which was actually fine by me since I like working nights. The only consequence is that my daily rhythm gets effed up and I’m so nervous going back to work because I haven’t been working there for a whole year. I get a little anxious just by thinking about it. Although i’ve worked there for three summers now so I should be able to manage it. Remind me to look for another job next summer…

But but! I can do it! 화이팅!! FIGHTING! (Please just don’t let there be any drunk people tonight!)

Yeah, like…don’t even mind the eyebags..I know they’re HUUGE! xD


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