PSY – 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경)

Music, especially K-POP (since we’re in Korea daaah!), are played loudly from the small stores and bars on the street of Seoul. I think it’s so nice and makes the whole street more vibrant and lively but when different stores have different music at the same time it makes all gaaah!! @_________@ but still, it’s nice, haha!

The week that i’ve been here, PSY’s song 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경) has been very popular and is frequently played everywhere! Just yesterday I heard it from a guy on a scooter who had this song blasting on a freakishly high volume from his scooter, making it sound over the whole area! I was like: Why do this song sound so familiar..? And when I came home, this song suddenly popped up on my playlist!  Turns out I had this song the whole time when I downloaded his album hahah! And now it’s freakin stuck in my head….-__- Listen and get addicted too!

Another one is the duo Tasty (I know…lame name but supercute guys!!) from the same company as Infinite. They debuted just a few months ago but their debut song, You know me(너 나 알아) has become pretty popular already and the MV is played frequently on TV. The great thing about them is that they’re –88 liners and I can fangirl without being a total pedonoona ehe…hehe…hehehe. Watch the MV and drool with me!

You’ve got mail!

Today I got a surprise in my mailbox when I got home from school! Can you guess what it is? :3

Hihihihihi!!! Yes, I think you got it right! It’s EXO-M’s minialbum! Mwiiiiiiiiii spazz mode ON!! The album was crazy beautiful that I almost cried :3 Okey, i’m exaggerating…or am I? It’s so funny that most of my friends have become EXO-fans too. Mostly my fault though since i’m constantly talking and spazzing about them and now they’ve caught the “EXO-virus” too as my friend Kristian calls it. Or rather, I’m the virus that keeps infecting people with EXO sickness, hahaha! I remember when I first started to fangirl and spazz about them after their first teaser but no one knew about them at that time so I mostly sat by myself…in the darkness…stalking and spazzing and fantasize about them…*cough*. Now, all of sudden, I have so many friends I can spazz with! Other than Kaede, i’ve also converted Jainie and baby Evy hihihi! So much fun! Jainie’s even more obsessed than I am.. .__. I’ve got to continue to spread the EXO sickness, hoho!

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“Kris would look perfect going down on you!~”


I mean imagine this face between your legs, as he talks dirty to you in a deep seductive voice…

Found a post @tumblr that I just had to re-post! Laughed my pants off when I read it because that was something that I could’ve written. Hilarious sh*t! They say that the fandom of EXO, especially fangirls of Kris, are the most perverted ones. Daaaah! Who wouldn’t wanna do him?!..or them*cough* I’m starting to believe that it’s actually true. I read through some comments on youtube for EXO-M’s History MV and man, they actually are pretty dirty, hahaha!

A compilation of some youtube comments that I found in tumblr, hahaha!




*cough* anyways, sorry for the caps lock and spazzing. But OH GAAAHD!! The song was great, both groups were superhot and KAI!! OMG! He’s singing! Now it’s even harder to choose between him and Kris T^T But I think Kris is, and always will be, my number one bias! Seriously, it was really good! I’ve been raping the replaybutton since it was released and I still can’t get enough of it! And what’s with the vibrating pants?? died of laughter! xD

Some gifs from tumblr:

And the two epic musicvideos:

Korean one:

Chinese one:

And our oh-so-silly reaction video xDD

Soon soon soon!!

IIIIIIIIH!! I’m sitting here trying to study with my friends but it’s not going very well because EXO’s new single will be released within less than 20 minutes!! GAAH I can’t focus, too damn excited!!! Don’t think i’ll be able to focus after it’s been released either cause i’d be to damn occupied with staring at the schmexy boys rather than the books….huu what to do what to do….

Now it’s only 10 minutes left! IIIIIIIIIIIIH!! x3333

Don't know what I'm doing here...

Sweetest Kaede 😀

Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video

I’m lying here on my bed, mentally exhausted after all the assignments, essays and quizzes and for the first time in like 2 weeks I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do! Or yeah, at least not something that’s urgent, so tonight imma just going to chillax and spazz a bit over some EXO-hotness.

Uhm anywaaaays…I was writing my Korean essay yesterday too and I got so tired from sitting 6 hours straight that I just got this crazy kick and did like 50 squats. And yes, i’m paying for it today. I’ve been so tired and lazy today that I haven’t even eaten dinner yet and it’s already 11.15pm…think i’m just going to make some noodles or something…

Yeah, back to the KPOP challenge!
This MV I really, really like alot! The song, the whole video, the story…it really makes you think and it really touched me the first time I saw it.

Ladies and gents, I present to you Sunny Hill – Pray. Watch it and love it!

Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

Oh my, it’s about to get hot again. This post I dedicate to ze wifey since we both went into superspazz-mode when we saw it the first time. I swear i’m jizzing in my pants everytime I watch this performance! It’s just freakin pure sex! I..CAN’T…GET ENOUGH OF IT!! Haaa…give me Eunhyuks superhot chocolate abs…*lick*

Eunhyuk & Donghae – I Wanna Love You

Didn’t know Eunhyuk could sing that well too! That guy just keeps getting on my plus-side.

He better not meet me in a dark alley…

Day 7: Your favorite babymaking k-pop song

You guys already know by now that I love goodlooking, sexy, hipthrusting guys who sings slow and buttery R&B songs. Guys who can sing is like: OMG just take me here and now! *cough* Anyways…today is all about my favorite babymaking song á la KPOP and I had such a hard time choosing because I have so many favorites!! But I managed to narrow it down to a couple. I actually prefer American R&B more since it’s and buttery BUT! The KPOP scene’s actually stepped it up when it comes to slow and sexy R&B so YAY for that! Though the hot R&B tracks are mostly from male artist than female, I really don’t care! Better for me hehehehe!

So I couldn’t decide on one so here’s a few of my favorite babymaking kpop songs:

The first song I want to introduce is Slow Jam – 다가와 (Come Closer). This song has a few years on it’s neck but man, is it good! Think it was released somewhere in 2007. Has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. Make sure to check it out!

The second one I want to introduce is of course my lovely TVXQ (or just HoMin) with their song Before U Go. I remembered the first time I heard it, I think I got an instant eargasm, like, for reals! Love this song so much!

I don’t know if this really counts since he’s singing in japanese but I just can’t resist posting this video too! Xiah is just so damn lickable HOT here! Ladies and gents, let me present to you the third video, Xiah Junsu – Intoxication

I have so so many more songs I want to show you guys but I think it’s enough with 4 vids for now (I was only going to show my favorite though…but yeah). The last video I wanna show is my boo Jay Park with his song Star. This was also an eargasm moment and my heart literally skipped a beat when I first heard it. Haa~ my future husband ❤

Day 5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

So! We’ve established that my favorite boyband is DBSK (since my dear EXO puppies hasn’t even debuted yet…) and the song that will always and forever will be my favorite song from DBSK is “Tonight”. So beautiful! I remember when I heard it the first time it came out. EARGASM TO THE MAX~~~~~*O* This song’s really shows their vocal talent and I totally love it! Check it out if you haven’t!