Olympic games

After having worked like, 9 hours shift, 5-6 days a week in a whole month, you can easily say I needed a break. And that I have been doing too! Last sunday was my last shift for July and i’ve just been taking a pause from everything and anything, spent some time with my family and relatives who’s been here visiting and keeping up with the Olympic games. No surprise when I say that I follow the beachvolley games, haha! But also swimming (mygahd male swimmers have hot bodies!!), gymnastics and whatnot. But but, imma return to watching the beachvolley games. Just wanted to pop in and let ya’ll know that I haven’t died or stopped blogging or anything, hoho! I’ll update more frequently when the trip is getting closer!

Only 23 days left!! *O*  


2 windows up with only beachvolley! Oh yeah! Go China!


Beachvolley day 1 – check!

So as the title says, I had my first beachvolley training today and it was so awesome to get started again! We just did some easy exercises like bumps (i think it’s called in english .__.) to get started and finished the exercise with some games. Overall it wasn’t such a hard training today but it was still fun and a good start.

My arms are completely dead but that’s how it’s supposed to be right? Just shows how long it was since I last played, hahha!

Beach 2012

IIIIEEEK! Excited excited! I just signed up for summer training in beach volleyball! I’m reaaally looking forward to it since it was like, 4 years ago I last practiced it. Started playing when I was 15 but sadly quit when I graduated high school. Now I only play it in summer with friends and stuff but I kinda miss the training sessions where the coach was like, going all hardcore on us, making us do all these hard ass exercises like crawling in the sand or these smash exercises where they would smash the ball at you, either hard or loose, so you had to like, spurt to the net and throw yourself in the sand. But that is one of the most funniest things to do I think, in beachvolley. Just the feeling you get when you and your partner are competing against another team and where you scream and cheer eachother on…brings out the adrenaline and the competitive side in me. There’s no other sport than beachvolley that makes me so happy and excited!

I remember when everytime I came back home from practice, I had enough sand on me to fill an entire sandbox. Okay, now I’m exaggerating but you get my point, hahah! My parents would always go ballistic hehe. Sorry mom! And the feeling you get after a really good session where you’re all sweaty and dirty and then you go and take a hot shower….sooo good!!

Right now I’m like, supermotivated to exercise and do a last minute “body ripping” before Korea! Think i’ve gained some weight since I moved to Stockholm, huu! T__T But but, imma fix it and literally live in the gym and beachvolley field this summer! And of course, work some too but I don’t want to work too much since I mostly want to spend as much time as I can with family and friends before I leave for Korea. It’s only 4 months left now! GAAH!! Too excited already! *O* untz untz untz

See you this summer dear beachvolley!