Olympic games

After having worked like, 9 hours shift, 5-6 days a week in a whole month, you can easily say I needed a break. And that I have been doing too! Last sunday was my last shift for July and i’ve just been taking a pause from everything and anything, spent some time with my family and relatives who’s been here visiting and keeping up with the Olympic games. No surprise when I say that I follow the beachvolley games, haha! But also swimming (mygahd male swimmers have hot bodies!!), gymnastics and whatnot. But but, imma return to watching the beachvolley games. Just wanted to pop in and let ya’ll know that I haven’t died or stopped blogging or anything, hoho! I’ll update more frequently when the trip is getting closer!

Only 23 days left!! *O*  


2 windows up with only beachvolley! Oh yeah! Go China!

“Jolly Good~”

Terribly sorry that I haven’t been updating for the past week! Been pretty busy overall with school and I also went to London last week as I wrote on the previous post! It was so much fun and I actually blended in with my british accent for once ’cause I always get teased when I speak english here in Sweden. Don’t really know where I got my accent from, I just think it’s comfortable to speak british. As much as I get teased of, I also get to hear that it’s beautiful. I remember one time in high school when my teacher asked me to read out loud in English class and when I was finished it was dead silent in class. I was like: “….Teach?” and he was like staring at me and was like: “OH! Eeeh…please, next person can continue to read.” Think he jizzed in his pants a lil bit.

But enough of my accent jibberish and talk about the trip which was AZUM! We went there friday night and came home tuesday morning. For three whole days, we actually managed to do a lot! The first two days were mainly about sightseeing and then we had a whole day left for shopping.

So day #1 was like: Tower Bridge > Queenswalk > London Bridge > Borough Market > Big Ben/London Eye > Westminister Abbey > Trafalgar Square > Chinatown > Harrods > High Street Kensington > Stratford Cinema ‘The Hunger Games’

Day #2: Camden Market > Hyde Park > Notting Hill & Portobello Market > Buckingham Palace > Delicious and cozy BBQ at Kristian’s place.

Day #3: Brunching with Lei and Xinga > Shopping at Oxford Street > Dinner at a Korean restaurant and then back home to sleep a little bit before we were supposed to take off back to Stockholm with the 6 am flight.

Overall, the trip was awesome!

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