About me~

Crazy, KPOP-obsessed, languagefreak, pedonoona, perv…are just some of the words of how my friends would describe me. But that’s not true…or well…some of it is. Okey fine I admit…it’s all true. That’s not all of it though!

Me, I’m also a 22 year old chinese girl, born and raised in Göteborg, Sweden. Moved to Stockholm about a year and a half ago to pursue one of my dreams, to study in South Korea. That’s why I’m currently studying both Korean and Japanese at Stockholms University. This may sound ridiculous to you, that I moved to another city just to study languages, but this is something i’ve wanted to do since I was a child when I discovered KPOP for the first time. It was love at first sight and that was like, 10 years ago.

Now, I actually think that that dream might come true since I got nominated to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and if everything goes as planned, I might be in Seoul this fall and a year forward. AGMHMRHMGCVMFGMYKYY%PUPTKJETPL!! Sorry, random spazzmoment. Ahem! Anyways, i’m so thrilled and sometimes I can’t even sleep at nights cause I get too excited…effing weird? Probably.

So this is why i’ve started to blog because I want you guys to follow my journey to Seoul and my everyday life. I’m mainly going to write about preparations for Seoul since i’m not leaving until late August and my everyday exciting life here in Sweden. KPOP, random spazz moments of hot, hipthrusting=KAI boybands and another passion I have in life, fashion and beauty, will also be written about here in the blog.

Hope I captured your attention somehow and made you wanna follow me cause that would make me mighty happy! ^__^ So long~


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