Day 13: Your alltime favorite k-pop song

Oki, i’ve been so busy with my studies that I haven’t had the time to blog and I just…need…to…make a post before I go back to the books! This time it’s about my alltime favorite kpop song and with no doubt at all I must say Shinhwa with their song Deep Sorrow. I absolutely L-O-V-E this song! Couldn’t stop listening to it when I discovered it sometime around 2003. It’s a very nice R&B track and even though it has like 10 years on it’s neck, this is the kind of song that is still popular nowadays and, I bet, many years to come. It is, and always will be, my alltime favorite song. Check it out below!

And now, back to the books T___T


Day 7: Your favorite babymaking k-pop song

You guys already know by now that I love goodlooking, sexy, hipthrusting guys who sings slow and buttery R&B songs. Guys who can sing is like: OMG just take me here and now! *cough* Anyways…today is all about my favorite babymaking song á la KPOP and I had such a hard time choosing because I have so many favorites!! But I managed to narrow it down to a couple. I actually prefer American R&B more since it’s and buttery BUT! The KPOP scene’s actually stepped it up when it comes to slow and sexy R&B so YAY for that! Though the hot R&B tracks are mostly from male artist than female, I really don’t care! Better for me hehehehe!

So I couldn’t decide on one so here’s a few of my favorite babymaking kpop songs:

The first song I want to introduce is Slow Jam – 다가와 (Come Closer). This song has a few years on it’s neck but man, is it good! Think it was released somewhere in 2007. Has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. Make sure to check it out!

The second one I want to introduce is of course my lovely TVXQ (or just HoMin) with their song Before U Go. I remembered the first time I heard it, I think I got an instant eargasm, like, for reals! Love this song so much!

I don’t know if this really counts since he’s singing in japanese but I just can’t resist posting this video too! Xiah is just so damn lickable HOT here! Ladies and gents, let me present to you the third video, Xiah Junsu – Intoxication

I have so so many more songs I want to show you guys but I think it’s enough with 4 vids for now (I was only going to show my favorite though…but yeah). The last video I wanna show is my boo Jay Park with his song Star. This was also an eargasm moment and my heart literally skipped a beat when I first heard it. Haa~ my future husband ❤