It’s ridiculous how incredibly lazy I get when I have a day off or two. I sleep in til late, sit by the computer all day, play TV-games, lie in bed and scratch my ass or watch a movie or two when I apparently have other things to do that’s more important. I got to like, plan my day or put up a schedule whenever I don’t work to NOT waste my entire day on absolutely nothing. My promise to myself of getting fit for Korea isn’t going very well right now and this past week that i’ve been sick, i’ve been skipping beachvolley practice too to get well. So every minute I’m being lazy, like right now when i’m sitting on the bed and writing this post, I feel like my ass is growing bigger as we speak!

GOTTA FOCUS JEN, FOCUS!! *O* *untz untz untz*

Now that i’ve gotten a little bit better at least, imma go to the practice tomorrow. Let’s hope that it has stopped raining by then or it’ll be wet-volley.

And geez, I can’t seem to get this song ot of my head! Been obsessing over F(X)’s Electric Shock ever since it came out. So good!

Btw, did I ever tell you guys that I finished Rooftop Prince just the day after I wrote that post about it? It was so gooooooood!! I so cried at the end….yes I cried…really recommend it to anyone who’s interested in K-drama. One of the better dramas i’ve seen actually. So if you haven’t seen it yet, GO N WATCH! NAAOW!


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