“Op, op, op oppa Gangnam Style!”

(This post was supposed to be posted on sunday but for some reason it didn’t so all of these things really happened last week xD)

This past weekend has been…effing full of partying! I don’t even recognize myself!! I’m usually the one who parties maybe once a week or less because I prefer staying at home, chilling with the friends, grab a coffee or wine or other activities except clubbing. I mean, it’s fun once in a while to go out and shake your booty and stuff but you can’t really socialize in a club because the music is too freakin loud.

And one thing that i’ve found so disturbing here is that everyone freakin smokes INSIDE the clubs, restaurants and everywhere!! ;__; My clothes and even my underwears (underweaaaars!!!!) have the smell of cigarette smoke when I come home gaaaaaah!! Waaaae?! Besides from that, the clubs i’ve checked out so far are freakin A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! And the guys..!!!! Omg, the guys are just so hot! There’s like eyecandy everywhere!!

Our partyweekend began on thursday when we spontaneously went to a club named Octagon in Gangnam. Sofia had been invited to that event by other friends and she asked me if I wanted to go too. We were a bit hesitant at first since we had Korean class the day after at 9am. But then we were like, what the heck! Let’s go!

Said and done, we went there together with Evelin (who’s also an exchange student from Sweden), all pimped up and had a really good time! The club was so freakin awesome and the interior was really cool and everything was shaped as an octagon, hence the name. It was a party thrown by SKY Events and apparently, Seoul National University had their welcoming party there too (maybe that’s why there were so many hotties there o.o).

Club Octagon

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to purchase a good camera yet so it will be borrowed pictures from either Google or other friends until I get one myself ;__;

Then on friday there was a welcoming party for us HUFS students, organized by our student organization. It was quite fun but it ended around midnight so some of us decided to keep on partying in Hongdae. After many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ we decided to go to M2. I usually don’t really like dancing to electro and house music because the only way you can dance to this kind of music is to jump up and down and like…fist pump…sorta. But it was quite OK actually. I approve, hahaha!

Saturday we met up with lovely Eunji to have beer and food with her friends whom she introduced to us. Hilarious bunch of people!! We sat in a restaurant and had some beer and chicken and talked and just had a really nice time. After that we went to NB in Gangnam, which I’ve heard soo much about from Jainie. How hot all the guys were, how awesomely good the music is and things like that.So I was expecting A LOT from the club haha! Luckily enough, they delivered! The music, gosh! SO GOOD! There was a lot of RnB and Hiphop mixed with a tad electro and KPOP. I absolutely LOVED the music there! It was so crowded though so I couldn’t

But yeah, that was my weekend xD Imma have to die for a while to load up all the energy that i’ve lost! See ya and keep on Gangnam style-ing!

Let’s get ready to paartey!

Getting ready for a night out in a club named Octagon, think it’s in Gangnam or somewhere near there hoho! Heard a lot of good things about this place so I have high expectations! Unfortunately 우리 와이피 (wifey) couldn’t join me and my roommate, Sofia, and classmate Sonia today but she’ll just have to make it up on saturday ’cause we’re going to check out NB (Noise Basement) in Gangnam then!! Exciiited!! Rumor has it that YG Ent. owns the place so the place’s gotta be good! But for now, Octagon will do! Good night everyone!

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