Quality time with my gals

Did some catchin up yesterday with two of my most favorite gals. Started out at Bunny’s place and she made an ûberdelicious dinner, specially made just for me ’cause of the diet i’m on right now (can’t say i’ve been very strict with myself though haha T_T) and after that we went out to take a drink at a bar named “Bar Himmel” which I must say was very cozy! Met up with some other friends later for some bootyshaking but didn’t really like the club so me and Ivy went home earlier than the others. So fail hahaha! T_T  But it was nice going out for a change and spending some time with my lovelies!

And today(!) is my lovely mothers birthday so the entire family’s going out to Hard Rock for dinner and then we’re gonna check out the new Batman movie that I’ve heard so much good about. So I have high expectations on the movie now!


Port du Soleil

ROJROHJWHJWE¤OTII%!#%=!#%(=&(=&!&I!=(&¤=&(¤” GRAAAUUUR!!! *breathe breathe*. Sorry. Just had to vent some, hahah! Don’t know why but i’ve been in quite down lately. Is it because of the weird ass swedish weather who can’t make up it’s mind about whether to keep it summer or regress back to spring? Or the fact that i’m starting to work tomorrow? Can’t make up my mind. But, nothing to whine about! I need to work so I can earn more money to spend in Korea right? Just need to keep my mind focused on that, hihi!

This weekend I celebrated my friend, Anders, birthday together with a bunch of friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time. It was really nice, doing some catching up with some old friends during taco-dinner and after that we immediatly went to drinking-games and prepartied some before heading out to a club called Port du Soleil. I had only heard about how good this club was supposed to be from people who had been there last year so I had high hopes, coming here for the first time this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear my high heels so I felt ridiculously short and WAS ridiculously short too, standing on my 165 cm with my low-heeled boots on, because I kept getting stepped on, elbowed, pushed around and people kept getting stuck in my freakin ponytail. Freakin abused wtf! Despite not being able to dance to the house music (or if you wanna call jumping up and down and fistpumping dancing…) I had a good time with my friends! Next time I come here, i’ll make sure to wear my high heels though!

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“Wow, fantastic baby!”

So yes, i’m sitting here blogging again instead of studying…which i’m supposed to do…but i’m not…as usual. I only have myself to blame if tomorrows exam goes bad. No but seriously, it feels like i’ve given up when it comes to the studies. I don’t have the energy left and there’s just so much to do I just wanna freakin throw it on the walls or just burn em up! It’s like i’ve shut down. The only thing that keeps me going now is Korea. GOSH AM I EXCITED?! It’s like 4 months left…unbelievable.

But there’s so much stuff to do before that. All the application paper and stuff. I just applied for a new passport yesterday and today I went to a clinic to get the health certificate done. GOD DAMN is it expensive!! Am only going to test for tuberculosis and hepatitis B but the freakin examination is going to cost me around 1000 SEK. Like freakin rob me and kill me now! *sadface*

Happier news though is that I last weekend had like the most amazing birthday together with my dear friend Tingting . Around 60 of our friends showed up and came to congratulate us. Never had so many friends in one place at the same time before, except for these Asian parties (though it was an Asian party later in the night haha!) so it was really fun. Glad to hear that many of them thought it was a really good party! And I got so many nice gifts it’s crazy! Didn’t really expect any .__. Thank you thank you thank you again guys!

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And Big Bangs “Fantastic Baby” seemed be a real hit with the people! Certainly got the partymood up!

You guys gotta check out this song that my friend introduced to me today! Totally in love with it! It’s from a group called Phantom with their song 얼굴 뚫어지겠다 (Hole In Your Face). Check it out!