Last one!

Yes yes yes! Just finished my last assignment for the Korean class! Or wait, not really…still have two essays left…but whatever, one class down at least! No more effing translations!!! WOHO! Now I just have to study my freakin ass off for my finals next week x__x Japanese grammar the 15th and both Korean and Japanese on the 16th. Please shoot me anyone? Or like, switch life with me for a week or so.

AND!! At last, spring has officially come to Stockholm! I think it was like 18 degrees last week. Went for ice-cream and a stroll in a cherry blossom covered Kungsträdgården with some friends and then we had dinner at my favorite Korean restaurant, Korea House. Really yummie food and such a nice owner! If you ever come to Stockholm and want to try some Korean food, I recommend that you go to Korea House. Check out their website here, 🙂

Anyways, imma go and take a long and hot shower now and reward myself with my favorite aloe vera drink that I bought in the asian supermarket before, hoho!


Have you ever felt you did something embarrassing and you just wanna sink through the earth and just diiiie?

Well, it just happened to me when having my japanese speech about my trip to Hong Kong in japanese class. Okay the speech went fine but after, having a questiontime, I totally blacked out when the teacher asked me a question about what I bought there. It should’ve been easy to answer but I couldn’t come up with the word I wanted so say and it just went downhill after that.

I mean, the teacher could’ve saved me by asking another question or so but she just let me stand there in front of the class while the silence just kept growing. Like really, I really wanted someone to just kill me there and then! Or maybe a handsome prince EXO Kai or Chris *cough* would come and kidnap me or something. Or they really wouldn’t have to kidnap me, I would go everywhere with them hoho!

Okay back to class -__-