Recovering with 삼계탕 (Sam-gye-tang)

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and on the verge of catching a cold and a cold is really the last thing I need right now so yesterday me and Sofia decided to eat something healthy for once (aftereatingalotsofunhealthythings….) and 삼계탕 was the first thing we could think of. So we went to a restaurant that Sofia had looked up, who were supposed to be very famous for it’s Samgyetang and that it was among late President Roh’s favorite restaurants.

Said and done, we went to the restaurant called Tosokchon, located near the Gyeongbokgoong station. Didn’t know what to expect really because neither of us had tasted Samgyetang before but we arrived to a beautiful traditional built restaurant and surprisingly, we were greeted in chinese! Is it because of the many tourists? .__. Don’t know really.

Samgyetang, Ginseng Chicken Soup, is a healthy soup consisting of a whole chicken, stuffed with Korean ginseng and glutinous rice and other herbs and is traditionally eaten during summer to replenish energy and cure sickness because of the healthy nutritions.

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It tasted really good and refreshing after all the spicy food that i’ve had since I came to Korea. The chicken was really soft and tender and the ginseng flavour was there but it wasn’t too strong so that was good. However, I don’t know how much you guys are able to eat but the portion was almost enough for two and I literally rolled out from the restaurant after we were done xD. I don’t know if it’s because of the soup but I do really feel a lot better today though, hahah!

How to get here:
Gyeongbokgung Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2.
After the exit, you walk straight about 5 minutes or so til you reach a GS25 convenient store. Turn left here and you’ll see the restaurant ^^

So if you have your ways around here or Seoul and want to eat something healthy, do visit this restaurant!



The time has passed 4AM here in Seoul now and Fjó’s already asleep but I can’t seem to fall asleep even if I wanted to, maybe it’s jetlag or overexcitement I don’t know which one, hahha! The trip from Amsterdam went well but they had warned us at Shiphol that the flight may had to land on Osaka instead of Seoul due to the typhoon, Bolaven, but luckily, it wasn’t that strong at that moment so we could land in Seoul after all!

Me n Fjó decided to not give a rats ass about the typhoon and go out and explore the neighbourhood around the hotel, but almost every shop and restaurant had closed down earlier because of the Bolaven and the wind was indeed very strong so we considered ourselves beaten by the typhoon and ended eating triangle kimbap and ramyun in our hotelroom, which was also superdelicious! Especially the kimbap omg! I bought one who had meat with red pepper sauce in it and I thought the seaweed wrapped around it would be soggy and wet but the inside was geniously wrapped around plastic first before the seaweed came one and you could just easily remove the plastic without breaking the whole thing and it was seriously SO GOOD and so cheap! Despite the typhoon, Seoul has not disappointed me yet hohoh!

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Flight tickets – check!

OH MY GOD….I just booked my tickets to Seoul with wifey over Skype. I can’t….freakin…believe it! *O* &#¤/¤”/#%/%#/#%(%/3 *completely ecstatic right now* BREAAAATH…!! It’s starting to really get to me right now, that i’m actually going to Seoul! I’m sending in my visa application to the embassy tomorrow and then…I think the most important things are fixed except for CSN (Swedish financial aid for studies) which i’m going to fix later in july or i won’t get any money for ze studies, haha! But i’ll worry about that later and enjoy the moment now! I’m so happy!! Someone please kick me in the ass and make sure i’m not dreaming!

Lastly, I just wanna thank my family and relatives because they’ve been so supportive of me. Don’t know how i’d manage without them. I love you guys!

Seoul, wait for me!


57 days left 

Rooftop Prince

I’ve been craving for a new K-drama to watch for a while now and now that I don’t have school anymore, I can watch as many and as long as I can without interruptions, hihi! So yesterday I came by Rooftop Prince with Micky Yoochun from JYJ and I’ve heard from friends who’ve seen it, that it’s supposed to be very good but I wasn’t really interested because Micky was in it. I gotta be honest and say that i’m not very fond of Micky, he was like my least favorite member in DBSK and I wasn’t too fond of his acting skills in Sungkyunkwan Scandal either even though I liked the drama (haaaa~ Song Joong Ki :33). He was so stiff and I wasn’t really feeling his emotions in it BUT!

I decided to give this drama a chance anyways because the plot seemed interesting and i’ve heard so much good about it. So yesterday I started watching and dear Krisus am I glad that I did! I’ve been laughing non stop ever since I started watching and Micky, he’s doing a very good job! I’m glad that he has improved, he’s doing a hella good job in this drama! So if you hesitate, don’t! Go and watch! NOW! Imma continue watching mine, on ep 8 already :3 so much drama!

A prince from the Joseon era, Lee Gak, is catapulted 300 years forward into the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage, which includes Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul, when he tries to investigate the suspicious circumstances which surround the death of the girl he loved. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like his beloved crown princess…

– synopsis from dramawiki

Guess what?

Guess what arrived in my mailbox yesterday? Hihi!

My admission letter from HUFS has finally arrived! Now i’m a tiny step closer to Korea, hihi! ^^ So the things I have to fix now is to book a flight ticket, fix the visa, get a vaccination shot and tons of other small things before everything’s completely done. But it’s nothing that I can’t manage! hohoh! Hwaiting!!

För de har tagit studenten~

Sitting here, all newly showered and feeling fresh! Starting to feel a little bit tired but I just wanted to do a tiny picture update of yesterday when some friends of mine graduated from high school. Made me think of my own graduation 4 years ago. Freakin 4 years ago! Felt so old at the reception yesterday haha ;__;

Made some vietnamese dessert with my Mami a few hours ago too. Think they were called Banh Xu Xe. They have like this green, jelly-like texture on the outside and a sweet mung bean paste with coconut shreds in the middle. Pretty good actually!

And yeah, as you guys may know VIXX debuted a while ago and these guys are pretty good! The song is very good and the MV is very colorful and decent AND they sing live pretty well too! So, so far they have my interest, although I can’t say the same for DSP Ent. new group A-Jax…sure they had this dope MV (oh lord, I just couldn’t help but laughing my ass off when that voldemort-monster-looking-thingie popped up!) but the song wasn’t even that memorable or good (sorry!). Apparently, they spent quite a lot on the MV with the all of the CG effects and stuff. I wished that they’d spent the money on creating a badass song instead because they do seem like they have the potential to become big. What do you guys think? But so far, I gotta say that my favorite rookies of this year is EXO, B.A.P and VIXX.

Home sweet home~


Sorry for being absent these past few days. Last week was hellish with 3 exams, work, packing for the move back home to Göteborg…all of the things really came at the same time! Like why don’t you just kill me now! So these past few days, I have had like 4-5 hours of sleep in total, talk about being dead tired! Had like these huuuge eyebags under my eyes, panda warning! But yeah, there wasn’t really any time to chillax and sleep either because there was just so many things that had to be taken care of and so many to say goodbye to before leaving. And i’m still not done even though school is over. I have like 2 more essays to hand in today and yet, i’m sitting here blogging…FML! 도와주세요 someone ㅠㅠ But but, i’ll just pull my last allnighter and finish these effing essays and then hopefully i’m done!

On a happier note, we celebrated our lovely friend Cal’s 20th birthday last saturday with a bunch of friends in the park, BBQing and just had a great time hanging out with eachother! The evening ended with a quick visit to the casino and me and wifey took the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone because we were both leaving Stockholm on sunday. Fortunately, there were not so many tears shed from the friends or else I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

A pic from saturday. A part of the gang ^^ Took the picture from a friend hoho!

My tiny room in Göteborg with all of the stuff. So freakin messy right now and there’s like, no space to walk around at all.

Tired me without any make up. I look so dead hahah! T^T

But imma continue with my essays now and update more when I’m finished and feel more alive again! Meanwhile, listen to this awesome song which I found looking through David So’s videos yesterday. It’s a song called Don’t Say Nothin’ feat. JoJo with Jon Mcxro. Awesome song and such a nice beat!

Let’s get ready to rumbleee!!

Is it just me or is 2012 THE year for rookies in KPOP to debut? It hasn’t even gone half a year since 2012 started and yet, it already seems like 4387467426842086760 groups have debuted. We’re talking B.A.P, NU’EST, EXO, BTOB, JJ Project, Hello Venus…and then we have YG Ent. upcoming girl group, DSP Ent. upcoming boyband (think they’re called A-JAX…?) and many more to come…or has debuted that I even don’t know about. See, can’t even keep track of the new groups anymore or yeah well…when have I ever kept track of new groups anyways? (My sweetest lambchops EXO are an entirely different story!!)

Then we have this new rookie group, VIXX, from Jellyfish Entertainment who’s also ready to debut, more precisely this thursday on 24th. This entertainment manages very talented artists like Seo In Guk, Sung Si Kyung and Brian Joo and the newcomers, VIXX, are not an exception. They’ve so far released 3 teasers from their upcoming debut single, Super Hero, and they do seem very promising!

Although they may seem promising, I can’t say for sure yet if they’re good or not since they haven’t even debuted yet. All I can say is that they are going up for some hard ass competition because all of the rookies that has debuted so far are ALL so damn talented! If they don’t do something to make them stand out in the horde of the new rookie groups, (and i’m not just talking about competing over who’s got the weirdest group name!) i’m afraid that they’ll easily be forgotten.

Let the competition begin!

“Don’t laugh too much sweety, you’ll get fat.”

Today I got a little visit from my sweet little mommy from Göteborg. She came with two aunties who were very sweet and I met up with them to eat dim sum lunch at Lucky Garden. We didn’t get much time to hang out though which was too bad since it was such a nice weather. I’ve missed my mom very much but i’m moving back to Göteborg next week anyways so i’ll get to see her everyday. Will probably regret it because I have not been missing mamis nagging, hahah!

It hasn’t really sunk in yet that i’m moving back to Göteborg next week before I leave for Seoul in August. I haven’t even started packing my stuff yet…can’t believe that i’ve lived here for almost 2 years soon. But but, i’ll be back after Seoul! That’s fer sure!

Anyways, while we were having lunch, I got some…chinese “superstition-advices” or just some plain old auntie advices, I don’t know what to call them haha! But some of the things were:

  • Don’t laugh too much, you’ll get fat!
  • You shouldn’t have your hair longer than to your waist, so you should cut it! (She never really told me why though…)
  • Never marry a guy that is more goodlooking than you. They’ll end up leaving you.

So no laughing! ;~;

Oh! and btw! JJ Project’s new MV is out! Check it out!

Day 19: Your favorite solo k-pop artist

It was a hard choice, choosing between so many good solo artists such as Se7en and Hyori. But I think you guys may have already figured out who my favorite solo artist is and yes, you’re right! It’s my baby boo Jay Park! 

His music is exactly the kind of music I like to listen to. Hot, smouldering, sexy, babymaking kpop songs. Just my cup of tea! Maybe it was a good thing that he left 2PM after all and now don’t get me wrong, i’m a big fan of 2PM! But if he hadn’t left, we wouldn’t have had the chance to hear his wonderful music, for example Star or Abandoned. Those are just two of my favorite songs from him.

Here’s another favorite from him. You so naughty Jay hihi

Be With Me 2night (produced by Cha Cha, written by Jay Park) AOM PRODUCTIONS

Oo Jay Park, Cha Cha, Team AOM
Feel Good
This goes out to all the fine ladies out there
I’ll be like, Check

Oo girl just one glance you captured my attention
And Ooo girl your different from these girls that I’ve been sexin

I get lost in your eyes I’ll get lost in those thighs
Looking so good make a grown man cry
Look at those lips make me wanna take a sip
Got them swimming pool hips make me wanna take a dip 

I’m loving your style 
I’m loving your smile 
You make me go wild
I’ll go jungle on yah

I don’t know what your status is but girl your the baddest chick
A special attractiveness cause your all I want
And we need to be alone
Just the two of us, two of us
Be with me 2night

Girl i’m telling you we could have a party
And I’m telling you, you could get to know me
And I’m telling you, you should put it on me
Lets have some fun 
And we need to be alone
Just the two of us, two of us
I’m telling you that you should be with me 2night (2night 2night)
2night (2night 2night)
2night (2night 2night)
Oo yeah

Oo girl i know its mutual
The way you wanting me and I’m wanting you
Its just a matter of time

Baby wanna get to know you
Do you like a mans supposed to
I’m so serious
Its more than me being curious 

I’m loving your style
I’m loving your smile
You make me go wild
I’ll go jungle on yah

I don’t know what your status is but girl your the baddest chick
A special attractiveness cause your all I want
And we need to be alone
Just the two of us, two of us
Be with me 2night

Girl I’m telling you we could have a party
And I’m telling you, you could get to know me
And I’m telling you, you should put it on me
Lets have some fun 
And we need to be alone
Just the two of us, two of us
I’m telling you that you should be with me 2night 

Lets say your my hobby cause I’ll do you with a passion
Girl what you pitching I’mmah hit it like a fast ball
Make you say my name exclamation point caps on
Dag gon only chick badder than Michael Jackson
Yup and I’ll fuck yah tatts off once in a life time girl you’ve earned the last spot
Hit that ass raw and I’mmah make you gasp huhhhhhhh
Yeah your embedded in my head so get embedded in my bed/
Young cat but I’mmah veteran of sex
Gonna bust that in the middle center of yah legs 
Fuck rap better get ready for whats next

Be with me 2night
I promise I’ll take you for a ride
The ride of your life

I don’t know what your status is but girl your the baddest
A special attractiveness cause your all I want
And we need to be alone
Just the two of us
I’m telling you that you should, be with me 2night

Oh Jay! ❤