Stop being so cute goddamnit!

Gaaaah can he get any cuter than this?!? GARAUARUR =¤(&=”¤(&=¤(&” *goes into spazzmode*

Actually had him like…in the bottom of my list in the beginning but now…*le sigh* how can you not fall for his dorkable smile? The EXO boys really are bias list wreckers! ><

The Avengers


Just came back home from the cinema after watching The Avengers in 3D with a bunch of friends, and I just gotta say that it was SO worth the wait!! So freakin epic! The Hulk is like officially my idol, haha! I tried to keep my expectations low too so I wouldn’t be disappointed but man, it just surpassed all of my expectations! Really recommend it!

Tomorrow’s time for new adventures so I gotta go and get some beautysleep so I can look and feel my best tomorrow, hoho! Goodnight to you all~

The Avengers, so cool! ;~;

Pledis Entertainment to debut a 17 member boy group this year

Pledis Entertainment has announced that they will be debuting a grand 17-member male idol group by the end of the year!

Tentatively named ‘Seventeen‘, the group is made up of  17 members averaging 17 year old, who have been trained not only for the domestic market, but specifically for the international market as well. Although they’re being touted as the largest K-Pop group to date, A-Peace holds the title with 21 total members.

Pledis has revealed that they will not be going the standard route of debuting the group in Korea before advancing overseas, but rather debut a group that is ready to promote in Korea, China, and Japan right from the get-go.

After their debut as a group, the boys will be split into units to promote separately in Korea, China, and Japan with promotional tactics tailored to each country.

A representative stated, “We’ve been preparing a team that is able to promote in China and Japan for a very long time. Since they’ll be specially promoting in three countries, you can consider them an official Hallyu group. Their debut is currently set for the end of the year, and we’re planning unique music and stage concepts.”

Through Seventeen, Pledis aims to create a new genre they call ‘Asia Pop’, a genre with K-Pop colors at the forefront but switched up to the tastes of the Chinese and Japan markets.

In related news, Pledis is also gearing up for the debut of After School‘s sister group, Hello Venus, next month.

Source + Photos: Star News +

Really? Like really?! 17?! I don’t even have words of how stupid I think this idea is. They just debuted NU’EST and they have a girl group, Hello Venus, AND a new boyband (I think they were called Tempest?) waiting to debut this year. I mean seriously! Focus on the artists you have right now instead of debuting new ones like you wanna kick all of your trainees out! NU’EST have really big potential and I think Pledis Ent. should just focus on promoting them AND After School right now. Bad bad idea, Pledis…bad idea!

Beauty time~

Just came home from a wonderful Thai dinner with some wonderful people and now i’m sitting here, trying to study while I’m having a facial mask on. Got some really nice Missha masks from my sweetest little Tingeling which she bought for me as a birthdaygift. I luuuv! AND! I also got this cute nail polish from Etude House.

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Right now, there’s so much to do at school. Still have 4 exams and 4 essays to hand in til my summer vacation starts but I’m not as stressed out as before anymore since all of my applications and stuff are handed in and sent to Seoul. So all I have to do now is to wait and if everything goes as planned, i’ll be leaving for South Korea in the end of August!! Can’t freakin wait!!!!! Okey, now i’m getting all worked up again -__- hihihi!

Okey, back to the books!

You’ve got mail!

Today I got a surprise in my mailbox when I got home from school! Can you guess what it is? :3

Hihihihihi!!! Yes, I think you got it right! It’s EXO-M’s minialbum! Mwiiiiiiiiii spazz mode ON!! The album was crazy beautiful that I almost cried :3 Okey, i’m exaggerating…or am I? It’s so funny that most of my friends have become EXO-fans too. Mostly my fault though since i’m constantly talking and spazzing about them and now they’ve caught the “EXO-virus” too as my friend Kristian calls it. Or rather, I’m the virus that keeps infecting people with EXO sickness, hahaha! I remember when I first started to fangirl and spazz about them after their first teaser but no one knew about them at that time so I mostly sat by myself…in the darkness…stalking and spazzing and fantasize about them…*cough*. Now, all of sudden, I have so many friends I can spazz with! Other than Kaede, i’ve also converted Jainie and baby Evy hihihi! So much fun! Jainie’s even more obsessed than I am.. .__. I’ve got to continue to spread the EXO sickness, hoho!

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Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric

I suck I know. Haven’t been updating the KPOP challenge for a while now so this post will be pretty long, haha!

About the lyrics, to be honest, I don’t really have a favorite lyric. Some people find the lyrics the most important thing in a song. Me on the other hand, I find the music to be more important in a song rather than the lyrics. I can actually listen to a song and not understand a thing they say and still like it. Probably sounds super weird but it’s been like this since I was young, around the time I started to listen to Korean popmusic. I mean, I didn’t understand a bloody thing they said and yet, I totally loved it! It may sound strange but sometimes, even without listening to the lyrics, I get the emotions the singer is trying to convey so it’s like I almost understand what they’re singing about. Though I do sometimes look up the lyrics and read the translations of it.

Instead of my favorite lyric, I can show you a pretty sweet lyric though. It’s a little bit dirty in it’s own way. You’ll just have to interpret it for yourself and see what you think 😉

Ladies and gents, I give you TVXQ – Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho solo) 


멈추지마 어서 내게 다가와 꼭 눈을 감아 줘 (Oh Slow Down)
말하지마 조금만 더 기다려 떨리는 손을 달래 줘 (Oh-oh-U-wow)

초코칩 쿠키보다 촉촉한 내 맘으로 녹여 줄게 마쉬멜로우 초콜릿보다 Oh my luv
아로마 향기보다 더 진한 내 맘으로 녹여 줄게 이런 나의 맘을 받아 줘 (받아줘) 알겠어

Honey Funny Bunny 달콤한 향기처럼 부드럽게 day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny 뜨거운 불꽃처럼 진한 첫 키스처럼 wow-wow wow-wow

*Honey Honey Honey Honey 너무 달콤해 Funny Funny Funny Funny 너무 상큼해
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby 언제나 그대 품에 안겨 꿈을 꾸고 싶어요

오 눈부셔 쳐다볼 수 없잖아 너무 아름다워 (yo so fine)
또 설레여 잠을 잘 수 없잖아 두근두근 날 좀 달래 줘 (oh-oh-u-wow)

내 볼에 스쳐가는 부드러운 그 입술 나 어떡해 갖고 싶어 어서 너 내게 와줄래
애타게 바라 보는 아이같은 그 눈빛에 어느새 빠져버린 나는 어떡해 (어떡해) 알겠어


(몰래 몰래) 널 위해 (노래 노래) 불러 줄래
(오래 오래) 내 모든 사랑을 줄래 (들어봐봐) 터질 듯한
(나를봐봐) 나를봐봐 (다가와봐) 다가와 하늘 위로 그댈 안고 날아


klik the title!!


meomchujima eoseo naege dagawa kkok nuneul gama jwo (Oh Slow Down)
malhajima jogeumman deo gidaryeo tteollineun soneul dallae jwo (Oh-oh-U-wow)

chokochip kukiboda chokchokhan nae mameuro nogyeo julge maswimellou chokollitboda Oh my luv
aroma hyanggiboda deo jinhan nae mameuro nogyeo julge ireon naui mameul bada jwo (badajwo) algesseo

Honey Funny Bunny dalkomhan hyanggicheoreom budeureopge day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny tteugeoun bulkkoccheoreom jinhan cheot kiseucheoreom wow-wow wow-wow

*Honey Honey Honey Honey neomu dalkomhae Funny Funny Funny Funny neomu sangkeumhae
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby eonjena geudae pume angyeo kkumeul kkugo sipeoyo

o nunbusyeo chyeodabol su eobtjanha neomu areumdawo (yo so fine)
tto seolleyeo jameul jal su eobtjanha dugeundugeun nal jom dallae jwo (oh-oh-u-wow)

nae bore seuchyeoganeun budeureoun geu ipsul na eotteokhae gatgo sipeo eoseo neo naege wajullae
aetage bara boneun aigateun geu nunbiche eoneusae ppajyeobeorin naneun eotteokhae (eotteokhae) algesseo


(mollae mollae) neol wihae (norae norae) bulleo jullae
(orae orae) nae modeun sarangeul jullae (deureobwabwa) teojil deutan
(nareulbwabwa) nareulbwabwa (dagawabwa) dagawa haneul wiro geudael ango nara


cr: hangeulyrics@w


Don’t stop, hurry and come close to me, close your eyes tight (Oh Slow Down)
Don’t speak, wait just a little longer and calm my shaking hands (Oh-oh-U-wow)

I’ll melt you with my heart that is more moist than a chocolate chip cookie
Thicker than marshmallow chococlate Oh my luv
Stronger than an aromatic fragrance is my heart that I’ll melt you with
Please accept these feelings I have for you (Please accept) Do you feel me

Honey Funny Bunny Tenderly like a sweet fragrance day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny Like our deep first kiss as hot as fireworks wow-wow wow-wow

Honey Honey Honey Honey You’re so sweet Funny Funny Funny Funny You’re so refreshing
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby I want to be held in your embrace and dream forever

Oh, you shine so bright that I can’t look at you, You’re so beautiful (yo so fine)
My heart races so much that I can’t fall asleep, pit-a-pat Calm me down (oh-oh-U-wow)

Those soft lips that graze my cheek, what am I to do
I want you, will you come to me quickly
Those childlike eyes that look at me, burning with love
I find myself lost in them, what do I do (what do I do) Do you feel me

Honey Funny Bunny Tenderly like a sweet fragrance day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny Like our deep first kiss as hot as fireworks wow-wow wow-wow

Honey Honey Honey Honey You’re so sweet Funny Funny Funny Funny You’re so refreshing
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby I want to be held in your embrace and dream forever

(Secretly Secretly) For you (A song A song) I want to sing for you
(Forever Forever) I want to give you all my love (Listen) I’m about to burst
(Look at me) Look at me (Come closer) Come so I can embrace you and fly to the sky

Honey Funny Bunny Tenderly like a sweet fragrance day by day-yeah-e day-yeah-e
Honey Funny Bunny Like our deep first kiss as hot as fireworks wow-wow wow-wow

Honey Honey Honey Honey You’re so sweet Funny Funny Funny Funny You’re so refreshing
Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny oh baby I want to be held in your embrace and dream forever

-lyrics from Broken Tsubasa


Just have to post his Japanese live performance of this song too ’cause it’s too awesome to miss!

Enjoy the eyecandy~

The eyes are the windows to your soul

Tried on some contact lenses for the first time yesterday which I bought from a while ago but never had the courage to try on. So with the help of my friend Jainie, who’s been here visiting me this weekend, we tried to put on the lenses and dear Krisus did it take a while! I kept getting tears in my eyes and I was so afraid because it felt like someone was poking my eye and was about to rip it out or something. So after a whooping 15-20 minutes or so, we finally managed to get the contact lenses to stay put. Though it felt so weird wearing the lenses but it actually looks pretty good. What do you guys think?

Contacts from – GEO lenses from the Princess Mimi series, color: grey

Screw Friday 13th…

…because i’m actually having a really good day! Today I was supposed to go the clinic to get examinated which I also did and I got this really, really nice nurse who examined me. I was supposed to have another nurse examine me but the other patient she had, took longer time than expected so I got the other nurse. Which was lucky me ’cause I think the first nurse was a bit racist and had like, i’m-so-f*ckin-tired-of-my-life attitude. AND on top of that, she told me that everything would cost around 1000 SEK but when I was done, the other nurse told me I only had to pay 410 SEK! She literally prolonged my life for this month! T^T Oh happy day~

And the good things just kept happening. Got free youghurt while I was walking around town and apparently i’m one of the winners of EXO internationals Debut Project on Facebook! Totally not expecting that! A friend of mine told me to test my luck in the lottery or something but nah.

And now i’m just chilling, watching one of my favorite movies, Miyazakis Howl’s Moving Castle while painting my nails with one of the nail-polishes I got from Seung Eun for my birthday. I really like it! It’s from Skin Food and it actually covers really well on the first layer already.

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Though it needs a second layer to really cover it all BUT i’m very satisfied with it!

And as you know, my dear puppies EXO-K has finally debuted and they appeared on Music Bank today with their first live performance. Their two previous performances were all lipsynced but this time they finally sang both History and MAMA live. Though I sometimes cringed a bit because they were off pitched, I was really proud of my boys! They all did very good but Baekhyun totally owned it and Suho my baby was also very good! D.O I think was very nervous but it’s okey, I know your singing otherwise rocks baby! In my opinion, they did very well for rookies and considering they had to sing while dancing to that hard-ass-difficult choreography, they were amazing!

“Wow, fantastic baby!”

So yes, i’m sitting here blogging again instead of studying…which i’m supposed to do…but i’m not…as usual. I only have myself to blame if tomorrows exam goes bad. No but seriously, it feels like i’ve given up when it comes to the studies. I don’t have the energy left and there’s just so much to do I just wanna freakin throw it on the walls or just burn em up! It’s like i’ve shut down. The only thing that keeps me going now is Korea. GOSH AM I EXCITED?! It’s like 4 months left…unbelievable.

But there’s so much stuff to do before that. All the application paper and stuff. I just applied for a new passport yesterday and today I went to a clinic to get the health certificate done. GOD DAMN is it expensive!! Am only going to test for tuberculosis and hepatitis B but the freakin examination is going to cost me around 1000 SEK. Like freakin rob me and kill me now! *sadface*

Happier news though is that I last weekend had like the most amazing birthday together with my dear friend Tingting . Around 60 of our friends showed up and came to congratulate us. Never had so many friends in one place at the same time before, except for these Asian parties (though it was an Asian party later in the night haha!) so it was really fun. Glad to hear that many of them thought it was a really good party! And I got so many nice gifts it’s crazy! Didn’t really expect any .__. Thank you thank you thank you again guys!

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And Big Bangs “Fantastic Baby” seemed be a real hit with the people! Certainly got the partymood up!

You guys gotta check out this song that my friend introduced to me today! Totally in love with it! It’s from a group called Phantom with their song 얼굴 뚫어지겠다 (Hole In Your Face). Check it out!

“Jolly Good~”

Terribly sorry that I haven’t been updating for the past week! Been pretty busy overall with school and I also went to London last week as I wrote on the previous post! It was so much fun and I actually blended in with my british accent for once ’cause I always get teased when I speak english here in Sweden. Don’t really know where I got my accent from, I just think it’s comfortable to speak british. As much as I get teased of, I also get to hear that it’s beautiful. I remember one time in high school when my teacher asked me to read out loud in English class and when I was finished it was dead silent in class. I was like: “….Teach?” and he was like staring at me and was like: “OH! Eeeh…please, next person can continue to read.” Think he jizzed in his pants a lil bit.

But enough of my accent jibberish and talk about the trip which was AZUM! We went there friday night and came home tuesday morning. For three whole days, we actually managed to do a lot! The first two days were mainly about sightseeing and then we had a whole day left for shopping.

So day #1 was like: Tower Bridge > Queenswalk > London Bridge > Borough Market > Big Ben/London Eye > Westminister Abbey > Trafalgar Square > Chinatown > Harrods > High Street Kensington > Stratford Cinema ‘The Hunger Games’

Day #2: Camden Market > Hyde Park > Notting Hill & Portobello Market > Buckingham Palace > Delicious and cozy BBQ at Kristian’s place.

Day #3: Brunching with Lei and Xinga > Shopping at Oxford Street > Dinner at a Korean restaurant and then back home to sleep a little bit before we were supposed to take off back to Stockholm with the 6 am flight.

Overall, the trip was awesome!

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