“Baby, don’t cry tonight ~”

Oh dear Krisus is this song pure awesomeness!!! I absolutely love love LOVE it!! Did I say that I loved it? FREAKIN GIVE ME THE FULL SONG RIGHT NOW!! The waiting is killing me…I soo hoped that Chanyeols nod in the end of his teaser meant that the teasing was finally over and that we were to be shown some real stuff like a MV teaser with a debut date or something. But no, it’s a freakin teaser with Kai again. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Kai. He and Kris have a shared first spot on my bias list *graaaaur* but yeah, I want them to debut…NOW!! T^T

So so so so LOVE IT!! I’m sorry Kai honey, I just couldn’t focus on you and your awesome dancing this time. All my attention went to the heavenly song…haaa..eargasm.

Day 9: Your favorite k-pop performance

Oh my, it’s about to get hot again. This post I dedicate to ze wifey since we both went into superspazz-mode when we saw it the first time. I swear i’m jizzing in my pants everytime I watch this performance! It’s just freakin pure sex! I..CAN’T…GET ENOUGH OF IT!! Haaa…give me Eunhyuks superhot chocolate abs…*lick*

Eunhyuk & Donghae – I Wanna Love You

Didn’t know Eunhyuk could sing that well too! That guy just keeps getting on my plus-side.

He better not meet me in a dark alley…

Day 8: A k-pop song you know all the words to

I really shouldn’t be here blogging right now since I’ve got an assignment I need to get done before I go to sleep. But I just couldn’t resist doing a small one so here’s day 8! This song is so beautiful and I got the most loveliest eargasm when I first heard it. And I do actually know ALL the words to it!

TVXQ’s Tonight ladies and gents~

OH! And make sure you check out my lovely wifey doing a cover of T-ara’s Love Dovey on the link below! She so amazing! ;__;

Nopp! Time to hit the books again!

바닐라 라떼~



Sitting at Wayne’s Coffee at Slussen with my hot vanilla latte waiting for Fjóla to arrive. I was around Gamla Stan today with my mentee from Hong Kong and man, am I the worst guide ever, hahaha! I got to the meeting point in Gamla Stan and she showed me a pic of where she wanted to go which looked a lot like the Royal Palace and I was like yeah, I know the way! Let’s go!

So we were walking around Gamla Stan a bit and I thought I knew the way to the palace from Gamla Stan so we just kept walking til I realized that I didn’t know where the hell we were! So we just kept wandering around and somehow we actually ended up in the Royal Palace! I don’t know how but I managed, haha! So we walked around there, snapped some pictures and then she had to go and I ended up here.

So if you wanna get lost around town sometime but still end up fine, contact me! It’s actually a good touristing moment though no? 🙂

Day 7: Your favorite babymaking k-pop song

You guys already know by now that I love goodlooking, sexy, hipthrusting guys who sings slow and buttery R&B songs. Guys who can sing is like: OMG just take me here and now! *cough* Anyways…today is all about my favorite babymaking song á la KPOP and I had such a hard time choosing because I have so many favorites!! But I managed to narrow it down to a couple. I actually prefer American R&B more since it’s more..hot and buttery BUT! The KPOP scene’s actually stepped it up when it comes to slow and sexy R&B so YAY for that! Though the hot R&B tracks are mostly from male artist than female, I really don’t care! Better for me hehehehe!

So I couldn’t decide on one so here’s a few of my favorite babymaking kpop songs:

The first song I want to introduce is Slow Jam – 다가와 (Come Closer). This song has a few years on it’s neck but man, is it good! Think it was released somewhere in 2007. Has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. Make sure to check it out!

The second one I want to introduce is of course my lovely TVXQ (or just HoMin) with their song Before U Go. I remembered the first time I heard it, I think I got an instant eargasm, like, for reals! Love this song so much!

I don’t know if this really counts since he’s singing in japanese but I just can’t resist posting this video too! Xiah is just so damn lickable HOT here! Ladies and gents, let me present to you the third video, Xiah Junsu – Intoxication

I have so so many more songs I want to show you guys but I think it’s enough with 4 vids for now (I was only going to show my favorite though…but yeah). The last video I wanna show is my boo Jay Park with his song Star. This was also an eargasm moment and my heart literally skipped a beat when I first heard it. Haa~ my future husband ❤

F*ckin finally!

I’m a time optimist and always will be a f*cking time optimist no matter how many times I say that i’m going to get better at watching the time and plan my days and homeworks. But no. I think it’s stuck in my freakin bone marrow or something. Or I’ll just have to kick myself harder in the butt and yell to myself: Freakin do your assignments in time!!

This time it was an assignment we had been given a month, a whole MONTH ladies and gents, before due date. And what do I do? I do them 2 days before of course. Wait, it wasn’t even 2 days. The day before due date. Am I smart or am I smart? But it all ended well, thankfully, but it resulted in yuckie hair, big fat eyebags under my eyes and zombie-mode the whole day because I pulled a freakin allnighter to get it done. But, I only have myself to blame. Yeah.

So yeah, that’s basically why I haven’t been updating frequently as usual because there’s so much to do at school. And i’m sooooooooo behind when it comes to the KPOP challenge!! I promise i’ll fix it today, after I’ve taken a very well needed shower. See ya later alligator!

Never want to see this text anymore! Grrrr...!!


Oh hell to the yeah! LMFAO and Far East Movement on the same stage tomorrow in Annexet and I’m so freakin EXCITED!! My brother and his girlfriend came from Göteborg today and they’re staying with me at my place today. We’re sitting here pumping ourselves up with some Sexy and I Know It and Like a G6. *untz untz untz* EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED!! Did I say that I was excited??

By the way, one thing i’ve been wondering for a long time since I started the blog is…do you guys think that I should start blogging in swedish? I mean, there’s really no swedish blogger who blogs about Korean pop music and stuff like that. Okey, maybe there is a few but I don’t know, haven’t come across anyone at least. There is a famous swedish blogger named Foki who blogs about K-POP sometimes but she’s writes mainly about japanese…sugarcandy cute stuff.

The interest for K-Pop and Korea has begun to flourish in Sweden and I since I’m mainly going to write about Korea, KPOP and my Korean fashion-inspired style, I think that many in Sweden would actually find it interesting to read my blog. But since most of friends are from different countries, maybe it would be better to keep it in english?

Så jag frågar er, ska jag börja blogga på svenska or continue to write in english?

BTW! Noticed my new header? A friend of mine, Kevin, helped me design and make it. Love it!