Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias

This is probably my favorite picture of my sexy beast. His smile can just brighten up any bad day of mine. Haaa…so handsome!

Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish to date

A KPOP idol you wish to date?! A? Just one? You can’t seriously ask me to pick just one…it just doesn’t work that way! I won’t! I can’t! There’s too many hot, sexy, steamy idols I want to date! GAAAH!! Impossibrruuu!!

No, but seriously…the idol that is on the top of my “wanna-date” list right now is, as you all may know by now after all my spazzing and fangirling, my sexy man Kris. Not only is he handsome, divinely sexy and has the sweetest smile in the world but the fact that he knows so many languages gets me going too..gaaaah! I could like communicate with him in cantonese, mandarin, english and korean…*omfgepicspazzmoment!!!* Okey, i’ll stop spazzing now….let’s just enjoy some pictures of him hoho!

Haaa…my man ❤

You’ve got mail!

Today I got a surprise in my mailbox when I got home from school! Can you guess what it is? :3

Hihihihihi!!! Yes, I think you got it right! It’s EXO-M’s minialbum! Mwiiiiiiiiii spazz mode ON!! The album was crazy beautiful that I almost cried :3 Okey, i’m exaggerating…or am I? It’s so funny that most of my friends have become EXO-fans too. Mostly my fault though since i’m constantly talking and spazzing about them and now they’ve caught the “EXO-virus” too as my friend Kristian calls it. Or rather, I’m the virus that keeps infecting people with EXO sickness, hahaha! I remember when I first started to fangirl and spazz about them after their first teaser but no one knew about them at that time so I mostly sat by myself…in the darkness…stalking and spazzing and fantasize about them…*cough*. Now, all of sudden, I have so many friends I can spazz with! Other than Kaede, i’ve also converted Jainie and baby Evy hihihi! So much fun! Jainie’s even more obsessed than I am.. .__. I’ve got to continue to spread the EXO sickness, hoho!

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EXO-K High Cut

Omnomnom…my yummie boys!

OH! And in case you missed:

SM’s New Groups, EXO-K and EXO-M, to Hold a Showcase in both Korea and China! 

SM’s new groups, EXO-K and EXO-M, will hold a grand-scaled showcase in both Korea and China. 

EXO-K and EXO-M will release the video of showcase through the official website, YouTube channel, facebook, NAVER and China’s WEIBO, SINA, SOHU and YOUKU and announce the information about the showcase which will be held on March 31st in Korea and April 1st in China.

EXO’s Korean showcase will be held at the Olympic Hall of the Olympic Park in Seoul on March 31st at 5 p.m. and their Chinese showcase will be held at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing on April 1st at 4:30 p.m. 

Especially, March 31st is their 100th-day anniversary since they released the first teaser video on December 23rd, 2011. After they released teaser videos and prologue singles for 100 days, they received about 30,000,000 views in total on YouTube and YOUKU. 

Also, since EXO-K and EXO-M will meet the public for the first time prior to their album release in April, the two teams will present great performances. 

Moreover, people can apply to attend the Korean showcase on EXO’s official website (, until March 28th and free tickets for the showcase will be provided to selected people in random drawings. 

Meanwhile, EXO-K and EXO-M will make a debut on the same day and time with the same song in Korea and China. EXO-K is comprised of SU HO, KAI, CHAN YEOL, SE HUN, BAEK HYUN and D.O. and EXO-M is made of KRIS, LU HAN, TAO, LAY, XIU MIN and CHEN.  

-source: facebook smtown


“Goddamn woman! Wipe the drool out of your face!”

Sitting here, spazzing the hell out of myself with Kaede about EXO. About our biases (in her case it’s Chen with the angel voice and mine, the sexy ass eatable beast Kris!!) and about what we would do if we ever got to meet them. Not some innocents stories here, i’ll tell you that! Almost like you could write a whole fanfic out of this. Yeah, why don’t I?

But nah, we wouldn’t wanna dirty the innocent minds of yours. Or would we…? But if you’ve been following this blog for a while now you all know that I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to spazz and rave and fangirl and think about the boys naked or what I would do if I’d ever encounter them naked, Buddha forbid. So your minds have already been dirtied by me the moment you came to this blog…so maybe a dirty fanfic wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Anyways…*cough* let me end this post with a yummie gif which Kaede linked to me before. I almost wanna eat him up…freakin gorgeous little lamb.


“Kris would look perfect going down on you!~”


I mean imagine this face between your legs, as he talks dirty to you in a deep seductive voice…

Found a post @tumblr that I just had to re-post! Laughed my pants off when I read it because that was something that I could’ve written. Hilarious sh*t! They say that the fandom of EXO, especially fangirls of Kris, are the most perverted ones. Daaaah! Who wouldn’t wanna do him?!..or them*cough* I’m starting to believe that it’s actually true. I read through some comments on youtube for EXO-M’s History MV and man, they actually are pretty dirty, hahaha!

A compilation of some youtube comments that I found in tumblr, hahaha!

Boyband boom 2012

2012 is starting out veeery good so far, especially in the KPOP-world where there’s a boyband boom happening right now. SM Entertainment with EXO, Pledis with NU’EST and now CUBE Entertainment with THEIR new boyband, BTOB which stands for ‘Born to Beat’, sounds pretty awesome if you ask me! They’ve just released a teaser which I think is so pretty damn A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The dancing was really slick and tight and just…awesome!
Check it out!

Aside from those three companies, YG Entertainment and DSP Entertainment (who’s managing KARA and Rainbow) are also releasing boybands! Or…i’m not sure about DSP though but i’m pretty sure YG are debuting a new boyband. Gosh i’m so excited already!! I’m really all about Korean boybands, it’s like ME *heart* Boybands hihi!

Here’s a pic I found on 6theory forum which lists all comebacks and debuts for this year. 

SO AZUUM! *___* and btw, screw the previous posts about me saying that NU’EST was bland (okey, that song was bland) but I just listened to their entire single and fell in love with this song called I’m Sorry! It’s so good! Been raping the repeat button a few times already! Liked it more in Min Hyuns teaser though when he played the piano and sang with his soft, gentle voice! It was so beautiful! Nontheless, the song is very good!




*cough* anyways, sorry for the caps lock and spazzing. But OH GAAAHD!! The song was great, both groups were superhot and KAI!! OMG! He’s singing! Now it’s even harder to choose between him and Kris T^T But I think Kris is, and always will be, my number one bias! Seriously, it was really good! I’ve been raping the replaybutton since it was released and I still can’t get enough of it! And what’s with the vibrating pants?? died of laughter! xD

Some gifs from tumblr:

And the two epic musicvideos:

Korean one:

Chinese one:

And our oh-so-silly reaction video xDD

Soon soon soon!!

IIIIIIIIH!! I’m sitting here trying to study with my friends but it’s not going very well because EXO’s new single will be released within less than 20 minutes!! GAAH I can’t focus, too damn excited!!! Don’t think i’ll be able to focus after it’s been released either cause i’d be to damn occupied with staring at the schmexy boys rather than the books….huu what to do what to do….

Now it’s only 10 minutes left! IIIIIIIIIIIIH!! x3333

Don't know what I'm doing here...

Sweetest Kaede 😀