Day 15: A k-pop song that turns the partymood up

Huuu, I haven’t been updating as frequently as I’ve been wanting to. There’s just so much going on right now it feels like my head is exploding! It’s going to be nice when I go for a lil vacation on friday with wifey to London. We’re visiting our dear friends Kristian and Xier and it’s going to be so much fun since i’ve never been to London before. So it will mostly be some touristing, musicals and eating since we’re both food monsters.

But anyways, back to the KPOP challenge! Like the babymaking song day, I have so many I want to recommend but it’s only limited to one! I’ve decided to cheat a little and post two songs (sssch) and it’s the two songs that i’ve been dancing and gone crazy about the last few weeks.

The first one is Big Bangs ‘Fantastic Baby’ ! No one can say that they haven’t been brainwashed or gotten affected, even the slightest, with this song and the catchy chorus “Wow, fantastic baby!” . Knew that this song was going to be a dancefloor hit as soon as I heard it!

The second one is Super Junior’s Eunhyuk & Donghaes ‘Oppa oppa’. This song is just so damn catchy you just can’t resist dancing! Eunhyuk and Donghae are really my favorite duo in Super Junior.

SO GOOD! *goes back to dancing, untz untz untz*