Review of the first week

Hey guys!

Sorry for the bad update! I’ve been so busy running around town and exploring that I haven’t had the time to sit by the computer and update that much >.< Mianhada! I promise to update more whenever I have time! *O* But yeah, It’s been exactly a week since I got here now and the classes have started and everything’s going smoothly so far! Came home from the Cultural Anthropology class a while ago which seemed like a very interesting class and gooosh are there many eyecandies here at campus!! *O* okey, okey, gotta focus!!! I’m just waiting for an alien ID card right so I can get a phone because i’ve been soooooo freakin lost without one! I can’t contact anyone when to meet, where to meet, or tell them where I am and no one can reach me….gaaaah!! And I haven’t bought a new camera yet either so that’s why the blog’s poor with pictures. But yeah, this first week has been good and i’ve just been trying to adapt to life here in Seoul and at school.

My Korean classes are held everyday from Mon- Fri 9AM to 1PM and although it’s only the second day, we’ve already received a lot of homework >< So I gotta hurry and do them now and go to sleep. (I wrote the first part right after I came home from school but then I forgot about so it’s already midnight here now xD). My roomie, Sofia, is already fast asleep so I gotta be real quiet and hurry so I can sleep too! *O* untzuntzuntz! Until next time my dear readers! 잘 자~~ ^ㅅ^

My school 😀

Guess what?

Guess what arrived in my mailbox yesterday? Hihi!

My admission letter from HUFS has finally arrived! Now i’m a tiny step closer to Korea, hihi! ^^ So the things I have to fix now is to book a flight ticket, fix the visa, get a vaccination shot and tons of other small things before everything’s completely done. But it’s nothing that I can’t manage! hohoh! Hwaiting!!