Simply beautiful!

Levi’s Stretch to fit Jeans commercial for Korea has to be one of the best and most well-made commercials i’ve ever seen! The music, the dancing, the direction…everything was just spot on! Came by it yesterday when wifey linked it on Facebook, truly touched me when the female dancer took her first steps. So beautiful and graceful. And let’s not even talk about the male dancer! Those who don’t think that male ballet dancers are manly can just…¤&%/%#/% eat up their words. Or just take a look at this commercial. He’s really powerful and Krisus is he manly! Just breathtaking, both of them. Together with the music it was just pure magic! Take a look!

Modern ballet mixing elements of classical ballet and a dash of bboy. Levi’s meets up with Korea National Ballet and performs a modern ballet on the streets of Seoul for their Stretch to Fit Jeans series available in Korea for Spring 2012. 2012년 봄/여름, 새로운 시즌에 맞추어 리바이스의 Stretch to Fit jeans가 국립발레단과 함께 합니다. 그들이 만나 함께 한 도전, 유연성의 한계를 넘다! 

Check out the whole experience at (Int’l) 에서 확인해보세요.

– Composed by Rafael May:
– Dancers: 
(Female) Kim LiHoe/김리회 – Classically trained ballet dancer
(Male) Lee DongHoon/이동훈 – Bboy trained, classically inspired
– Choreographer: Sejung Hong / 홍세정
– Director: Lee Jae Cheol / 이재철

For other production information contact Tribal DDB Korea


Those jeans must be pretty damn stretchy if they can do pirouettes and stuff in them. I so want the red ones!