Gosh, i’m procrastinating again when I should study. But I couldn’t help vent out on the blog a little bit. Just saw this teaser on the new boyband from Pledis ent., Nu’Est (think it stands for New East no?) which allkpop posted a while ago. I gotta admit, I didn’t really like the first teaser…some of the guys looked more feminine than me with the heavy make up. But they released another teaser today with their leader BaekHo which showed his kendo skills (reminded me awful lot of Tao’s teaser) and I actually liked the dubstep they had in the song. Think they’re going with the electro-dubstep concept and i’m actually looking forward to this group and see what they’ll deliver.

BUT!! I’m so, excuse my foul language, fucking SICK of Nu’Est fans and EXO fans getting at eachother all the time! And i’m so sick of EXO getting shit every time they release a new teaser. If you don’t like it, DON’T FUCKING WATCH IT! It’s as simple as that! I don’t get why people stoop to a kindergarten level and bash them and say things like: “Oh I wish i’ll live long enough to get to see EXO debut!” or “Oh no, it’s KAI again! I’m so sick of his face!” or Nu’est fans who comment on allkpop site and say things like: “Nu’Est only need one teaser to impress, if you know what I mean.” and on the latest teaser they were like: “Who’s Tao? Never heard of him. Which group does he belong to??? :))”. Like giiirl, you obviously know who he is…daaah! And EXO fans, and this is coming from a fellow EXO fan from Sweden, please stop talking about EXO on another groups teaser and just enjoy the other groups teaser! We don’t wanna create a freakin fanwar here!

Now I’m not saying that all Nu’Est fans or EXO fans are like that, some has more common sense in them than others. But to all the other people/fans who’s bashing other groups, please shove your goddamn bashing up your ass and just enjoy what the boys are giving us. If you don’t like Nu’Est or EXO, just simply don’t watch it. It is really, REALLY just that simple. I can’t blame you guys for comparing them since they almost (just almost) have the same concept with the dubstep thingie going on but I feel that EXO has more of the sexy, mature R&B sound going on with their contemporary look and some dubstep infused  in their music while, from what I’ve seen from the teasers, Nu’Est is going for the bad boy look with electro and dubstep sound. So they’re really not that alike.

Huu…I feel a little better now that i’ve vented out my anger and I applaud you if you actually read through it all. And i’m sorry if i’ve angered anyone cause it’s really not my intention. I just want everyone to enjoy the music of their favorite boyband in peace without having anyone bash the other. Makes me so damn furious! And sorry again for my foul language.

To end this post I just wanna quote another fellow EXO fan: “It’s good that SM is releasing this teasers so we can really appreciate every single song in the album cause it deserves the appreciation, all of them are so awesome & beautifully written lyrics. if it werent for the teasers EXO will debut the full album but most of us will just be listening to the title song.” and a teaser from both EXO and Nu’Est. Now I gotta stop rambling and get on with my studies! LOL, my swedish readers who’s got no interest in KPOP must think i’m freakin crazy who can get upset over a thing like this…anyways, PEACE!

EXO – Into your world

Nu’Est – Face