My baby!

As many as you already know, this is my new baby! Bought it 2 days ago and it’s been following me everywhere since. So, so, so satisfied with it! The best thing about it is that you can take selcas with it since the LCD-screen can turn 180 degrees! I luuurv! So from now on, you guys can expect a lot of photo updates!


“Op, op, op oppa Gangnam Style!”

(This post was supposed to be posted on sunday but for some reason it didn’t so all of these things really happened last week xD)

This past weekend has been…effing full of partying! I don’t even recognize myself!! I’m usually the one who parties maybe once a week or less because I prefer staying at home, chilling with the friends, grab a coffee or wine or other activities except clubbing. I mean, it’s fun once in a while to go out and shake your booty and stuff but you can’t really socialize in a club because the music is too freakin loud.

And one thing that i’ve found so disturbing here is that everyone freakin smokes INSIDE the clubs, restaurants and everywhere!! ;__; My clothes and even my underwears (underweaaaars!!!!) have the smell of cigarette smoke when I come home gaaaaaah!! Waaaae?! Besides from that, the clubs i’ve checked out so far are freakin A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! And the guys..!!!! Omg, the guys are just so hot! There’s like eyecandy everywhere!!

Our partyweekend began on thursday when we spontaneously went to a club named Octagon in Gangnam. Sofia had been invited to that event by other friends and she asked me if I wanted to go too. We were a bit hesitant at first since we had Korean class the day after at 9am. But then we were like, what the heck! Let’s go!

Said and done, we went there together with Evelin (who’s also an exchange student from Sweden), all pimped up and had a really good time! The club was so freakin awesome and the interior was really cool and everything was shaped as an octagon, hence the name. It was a party thrown by SKY Events and apparently, Seoul National University had their welcoming party there too (maybe that’s why there were so many hotties there o.o).

Club Octagon

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to purchase a good camera yet so it will be borrowed pictures from either Google or other friends until I get one myself ;__;

Then on friday there was a welcoming party for us HUFS students, organized by our student organization. It was quite fun but it ended around midnight so some of us decided to keep on partying in Hongdae. After many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ we decided to go to M2. I usually don’t really like dancing to electro and house music because the only way you can dance to this kind of music is to jump up and down and like…fist pump…sorta. But it was quite OK actually. I approve, hahaha!

Saturday we met up with lovely Eunji to have beer and food with her friends whom she introduced to us. Hilarious bunch of people!! We sat in a restaurant and had some beer and chicken and talked and just had a really nice time. After that we went to NB in Gangnam, which I’ve heard soo much about from Jainie. How hot all the guys were, how awesomely good the music is and things like that.So I was expecting A LOT from the club haha! Luckily enough, they delivered! The music, gosh! SO GOOD! There was a lot of RnB and Hiphop mixed with a tad electro and KPOP. I absolutely LOVED the music there! It was so crowded though so I couldn’t

But yeah, that was my weekend xD Imma have to die for a while to load up all the energy that i’ve lost! See ya and keep on Gangnam style-ing!

Let’s get ready to paartey!

Getting ready for a night out in a club named Octagon, think it’s in Gangnam or somewhere near there hoho! Heard a lot of good things about this place so I have high expectations! Unfortunately 우리 와이피 (wifey) couldn’t join me and my roommate, Sofia, and classmate Sonia today but she’ll just have to make it up on saturday ’cause we’re going to check out NB (Noise Basement) in Gangnam then!! Exciiited!! Rumor has it that YG Ent. owns the place so the place’s gotta be good! But for now, Octagon will do! Good night everyone!

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PSY – 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경)

Music, especially K-POP (since we’re in Korea daaah!), are played loudly from the small stores and bars on the street of Seoul. I think it’s so nice and makes the whole street more vibrant and lively but when different stores have different music at the same time it makes all gaaah!! @_________@ but still, it’s nice, haha!

The week that i’ve been here, PSY’s song 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경) has been very popular and is frequently played everywhere! Just yesterday I heard it from a guy on a scooter who had this song blasting on a freakishly high volume from his scooter, making it sound over the whole area! I was like: Why do this song sound so familiar..? And when I came home, this song suddenly popped up on my playlist!  Turns out I had this song the whole time when I downloaded his album hahah! And now it’s freakin stuck in my head….-__- Listen and get addicted too!

Another one is the duo Tasty (I know…lame name but supercute guys!!) from the same company as Infinite. They debuted just a few months ago but their debut song, You know me(너 나 알아) has become pretty popular already and the MV is played frequently on TV. The great thing about them is that they’re –88 liners and I can fangirl without being a total pedonoona ehe…hehe…hehehe. Watch the MV and drool with me!


The time has passed 4AM here in Seoul now and Fjó’s already asleep but I can’t seem to fall asleep even if I wanted to, maybe it’s jetlag or overexcitement I don’t know which one, hahha! The trip from Amsterdam went well but they had warned us at Shiphol that the flight may had to land on Osaka instead of Seoul due to the typhoon, Bolaven, but luckily, it wasn’t that strong at that moment so we could land in Seoul after all!

Me n Fjó decided to not give a rats ass about the typhoon and go out and explore the neighbourhood around the hotel, but almost every shop and restaurant had closed down earlier because of the Bolaven and the wind was indeed very strong so we considered ourselves beaten by the typhoon and ended eating triangle kimbap and ramyun in our hotelroom, which was also superdelicious! Especially the kimbap omg! I bought one who had meat with red pepper sauce in it and I thought the seaweed wrapped around it would be soggy and wet but the inside was geniously wrapped around plastic first before the seaweed came one and you could just easily remove the plastic without breaking the whole thing and it was seriously SO GOOD and so cheap! Despite the typhoon, Seoul has not disappointed me yet hohoh!

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Pack pack pack the bag~

Now it’s only like, 12 hours left til i’ll leave for Korea and I still can’t believe that i’m going!! It’s so surreal in a way and this week has been all about saying goodbye to loved ones. Me and Fjó threw a goodbye-party last friday and though it was so stressful and everything got fixed in the last minute, I gotta say that it was a real success! Everybody seemed to have fun and was enjoying themselves and some got more drunk than others and some passed out, but hey, that’s what a party is all about no? ;D

Some pics from the party (took it from some friends on FB heheh)

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Nopp, gotta continue repack my bag and then take a shower and go to sleep! Next time I update will be from Seoul!!! Sleep tight peeps!!

Tearful goodbye

Tonight is my last night in dear ol’ Göteborg and instead of going out clubbing with my friends who’s on visit from Stockholm, I went out to meet two of my best friends, Bunnie and Lovejuice, for a last “fika” before I leave for Stockholm (I feel like such a bad host haha!). I’m usually not the one who burst out in tears easily but when we sat there at the café, talking about me leaving soon and stuff like that, it hit me that i’m actually leaving in about a week and I won’t be able to see my family and my friends for a whole freakin year. I started to get tears in my eyes but I tried to hide it ’cause I hate letting people see me cry.

Didn’t go too well though since Anny busted me and then I just started crying at the café and then Ivy started to cry because I cried and the whole thing just turned into a crying/laughing/eyeliner-getting-smudged party. I’m fearing for tomorrow when I have to say goodbye to my family, especially my mom, because she cries easily and then I won’t be able to hold back either. Well, we’ll always have Skype, right?

Haai, imma better go and finish my packing now.


Love this pic of us three 🙂

Quality time with my gals

Did some catchin up yesterday with two of my most favorite gals. Started out at Bunny’s place and she made an ûberdelicious dinner, specially made just for me ’cause of the diet i’m on right now (can’t say i’ve been very strict with myself though haha T_T) and after that we went out to take a drink at a bar named “Bar Himmel” which I must say was very cozy! Met up with some other friends later for some bootyshaking but didn’t really like the club so me and Ivy went home earlier than the others. So fail hahaha! T_T  But it was nice going out for a change and spending some time with my lovelies!

And today(!) is my lovely mothers birthday so the entire family’s going out to Hard Rock for dinner and then we’re gonna check out the new Batman movie that I’ve heard so much good about. So I have high expectations on the movie now!

Olympic games

After having worked like, 9 hours shift, 5-6 days a week in a whole month, you can easily say I needed a break. And that I have been doing too! Last sunday was my last shift for July and i’ve just been taking a pause from everything and anything, spent some time with my family and relatives who’s been here visiting and keeping up with the Olympic games. No surprise when I say that I follow the beachvolley games, haha! But also swimming (mygahd male swimmers have hot bodies!!), gymnastics and whatnot. But but, imma return to watching the beachvolley games. Just wanted to pop in and let ya’ll know that I haven’t died or stopped blogging or anything, hoho! I’ll update more frequently when the trip is getting closer!

Only 23 days left!! *O*  


2 windows up with only beachvolley! Oh yeah! Go China!