Snow White and The Huntsman

*major spoiler alert so read at your own risk*

Today I went to the movies with Anny Bunny and Evy to watch Snow White and The Huntsman. Since I really love the fairytale and all I just had to see this movie! Judging from the trailer, it seemed like a darker version of Snow White and it looked pretty promising with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. But then I saw Kristen Stewarts face. I’ve never really liked Kristen Stewarts acting because it’s so…how do I say…emotionless. Although i’m a fan of the Twilight books i’ve never really liked the movies because she was in them. So I was a little disappointed when I saw that she’d been cast as Snow White but decided to give it a shot anyways since I really like the fairytale.

So, I went to the movies, had my hopes up and was all excited and all. The beginning was very good, I thought. Started out good and the little girl playing Snow White was very cute and charming. Until she grew up. I really, reaaally tried to like Kristen Stewart as Snow White but she couldn’t (or never have been able to) really…captivate me with her acting, make me feel for her or with her. There was this scene where she would have this “pump up” speech and get the people to fight with her. Must’ve been the lamest speech ever. Sure, the words were there but the energy was lacking and it wasn’t very convincing. I couldn’t help but laugh a little and roll my eyes because I couldn’t take her seriously.

And, were there supposed to be a romance between the huntsman and Snow White? Because I sure as hell got surprised when he suddenly confessed his love for her when she was “dead” and then kissed her! I just thought it was sooo awkward because I see the huntsman as a fully grown man in his mid 30’s maybe, who’s had a wife and everything and then falls in love with Snow White, who I see as a teenager, maybe around 16 or so. It shouldn’t have been so weird but the chemistry between Chris and Kristen was like, non-existent.

And for the Ghibli fans out theredidn’t the scene where they were in the enchanted forest and these forest spirits popped out from nowhere who led her to a…wait…a deer god (!!) remind you an awful lot of Princess Mononoke?! I was like: What the eff?? So totally random!

The characters that DID make it worth watching was Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and the dwarves. Charlize made an excellent queen and she totally owned this movie! Couldn’t have asked for a better Evil Queen. The character William though, didn’t do very much to the movie. You could’ve cut him from the movie and it wouldn’t affect much. I really liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean though.

Overall, I was kind of disppointed. I left the theater feeling unsatisfied, so did my friends. Such a shame because I really wanted to like it. I tried to. But no.


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