Day 4: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

It’s DBSK Chang Min! No wait, it’s YunHo! Or no no! Taec! No, Khun! I’m pretty sure now. Or am I? Now I know! EXO Kai! Although he hasn’t even debuted yet SM ent. has totally overexposed him but pedo-noonas like me won’t complain though eh..he he. But Sehun and Chris are total hotness too…gosh i’m so indecisive…and apparently schizophrenic too since i’m talking to myself.

“Prrrrrecious prreecious boys, we like them delicious little boys. *slurp*” 

No but seriously, Kai. How can you say no to this gorgeous thing?!

EXO - Kai

EXO - Kai

But can I count him as the ultimate bias since he hasn’t even debuted yet? Maybe it’s not a good thing since he’s just a little lamb with his 18 years…but we like them young no? he he. Maybe he’s not the bias i’ve been liking for half a decade or so but he sure is my ultimate bias at the moment! Oh, Kai! Come to noona~


Have you ever felt you did something embarrassing and you just wanna sink through the earth and just diiiie?

Well, it just happened to me when having my japanese speech about my trip to Hong Kong in japanese class. Okay the speech went fine but after, having a questiontime, I totally blacked out when the teacher asked me a question about what I bought there. It should’ve been easy to answer but I couldn’t come up with the word I wanted so say and it just went downhill after that.

I mean, the teacher could’ve saved me by asking another question or so but she just let me stand there in front of the class while the silence just kept growing. Like really, I really wanted someone to just kill me there and then! Or maybe a handsome prince EXO Kai or Chris *cough* would come and kidnap me or something. Or they really wouldn’t have to kidnap me, I would go everywhere with them hoho!

Okay back to class -__-