If there’s one thing I can keep writing about 24/7, it’s food. I can talk about it all the time and take tons of unnecessary pictures of it (as you already may have seen, hahah!) and…and..%/#/#/! Yeah, anyways so I was thinking, why not share all the food experiences i’m having here in Seoul (SO MUCH YUMMIE FOOD HERE!!) with you guys?

Me and ze wifey had an idea about documenting our stay here in Seoul back in Sweden but since we go to different schools and it’s more than 1 h distance from us, it’s hard to find the time to even see eachother due to our busy schedules. Going from almost seeing eachother everyday to only maybe 1-2 times a week is a bit hard but we manage ’cause we that awesome!

But yeah, enough depressing talk and let’s get to the point, hahah! Our first video was kinda spontaneous and was more of a joke to our foodmonsters to friends back home but it turned out pretty good anyways I think! It’s my first video and editing ever so be nice!

I was supposed to show you a video but stupid Youtube muted my video because of copyright reasons from YG so it’ll just be pictures this time. Will have to fix that another day -o-!!

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We were first introduced to this place when we were meeting a friend of ours whom we had met in Sweden when she was on an exchange. This restaurant has the yummiest samgyupsal i’ve tasted so far! Basically, 삼겹살 is grilled pork belly which you eat with lettuce leaves, grilled onion, slices of raw garlic, 쌈장 (which is like, wrapping sauce made of red pepper paste, bean paste, onion, garlic, green onion, sesame oil), kimchi, green chili peppers etc.

This particular restaurant also has thin slices of 떡 (rice cakes) which you can wrap and eat with and the meat, kimchi and bean sprouts are grilled on a stone plate. So effing goood! The restaurant’s name is 떡삼겹돌김치 (means like, rice cake samgyup and stone kimchi).

How to get here: Line 4 with the subway to 명동 (Myeongdong) and go out from exit 6. You’ll find Nature Republic on your left when you come out. Go straightforward and then turn left by Nature Republic’s corner. Go then straight in about 4-5 minutes or so and you’ll see the place! Enjoy!


The time has passed 4AM here in Seoul now and Fjó’s already asleep but I can’t seem to fall asleep even if I wanted to, maybe it’s jetlag or overexcitement I don’t know which one, hahha! The trip from Amsterdam went well but they had warned us at Shiphol that the flight may had to land on Osaka instead of Seoul due to the typhoon, Bolaven, but luckily, it wasn’t that strong at that moment so we could land in Seoul after all!

Me n Fjó decided to not give a rats ass about the typhoon and go out and explore the neighbourhood around the hotel, but almost every shop and restaurant had closed down earlier because of the Bolaven and the wind was indeed very strong so we considered ourselves beaten by the typhoon and ended eating triangle kimbap and ramyun in our hotelroom, which was also superdelicious! Especially the kimbap omg! I bought one who had meat with red pepper sauce in it and I thought the seaweed wrapped around it would be soggy and wet but the inside was geniously wrapped around plastic first before the seaweed came one and you could just easily remove the plastic without breaking the whole thing and it was seriously SO GOOD and so cheap! Despite the typhoon, Seoul has not disappointed me yet hohoh!

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