För de har tagit studenten~

Sitting here, all newly showered and feeling fresh! Starting to feel a little bit tired but I just wanted to do a tiny picture update of yesterday when some friends of mine graduated from high school. Made me think of my own graduation 4 years ago. Freakin 4 years ago! Felt so old at the reception yesterday haha ;__;

Made some vietnamese dessert with my Mami a few hours ago too. Think they were called Banh Xu Xe. They have like this green, jelly-like texture on the outside and a sweet mung bean paste with coconut shreds in the middle. Pretty good actually!

And yeah, as you guys may know VIXX debuted a while ago and these guys are pretty good! The song is very good and the MV is very colorful and decent AND they sing live pretty well too! So, so far they have my interest, although I can’t say the same for DSP Ent. new group A-Jax…sure they had this dope MV (oh lord, I just couldn’t help but laughing my ass off when that voldemort-monster-looking-thingie popped up!) but the song wasn’t even that memorable or good (sorry!). Apparently, they spent quite a lot on the MV with the all of the CG effects and stuff. I wished that they’d spent the money on creating a badass song instead because they do seem like they have the potential to become big. What do you guys think? But so far, I gotta say that my favorite rookies of this year is EXO, B.A.P and VIXX.

Let’s get ready to rumbleee!!

Is it just me or is 2012 THE year for rookies in KPOP to debut? It hasn’t even gone half a year since 2012 started and yet, it already seems like 4387467426842086760 groups have debuted. We’re talking B.A.P, NU’EST, EXO, BTOB, JJ Project, Hello Venus…and then we have YG Ent. upcoming girl group, DSP Ent. upcoming boyband (think they’re called A-JAX…?) and many more to come…or has debuted that I even don’t know about. See, can’t even keep track of the new groups anymore or yeah well…when have I ever kept track of new groups anyways? (My sweetest lambchops EXO are an entirely different story!!)

Then we have this new rookie group, VIXX, from Jellyfish Entertainment who’s also ready to debut, more precisely this thursday on 24th. This entertainment manages very talented artists like Seo In Guk, Sung Si Kyung and Brian Joo and the newcomers, VIXX, are not an exception. They’ve so far released 3 teasers from their upcoming debut single, Super Hero, and they do seem very promising!

Although they may seem promising, I can’t say for sure yet if they’re good or not since they haven’t even debuted yet. All I can say is that they are going up for some hard ass competition because all of the rookies that has debuted so far are ALL so damn talented! If they don’t do something to make them stand out in the horde of the new rookie groups, (and i’m not just talking about competing over who’s got the weirdest group name!) i’m afraid that they’ll easily be forgotten.

Let the competition begin!


Today I have done absolutely NOTHING school related and it feels sooo freakin good! I woke up late, ate, continued my Charmed marathon from yesterday, took a hot, looong shower, fixed my nails and just simply had some “me-time” to take care of myself after all the allnighters I’ve pulled for the exams. le face is like, all destroyed, after the lack of sleep. Had some major breakouts on the forehead and I just look…haggard, as my aunts would say in funny cantonese whenever they see me without makeup. They would always ask me if i’m sick or something because I look so pale and have these freakin huge panda bags under my eyes. Yeah, I know I hide it well. Love you too, dear aunts. Haaai… -__-

So now I’m sitting here, doing facials, which hopefully will make my skin look a little more glowy and refreshed! I went to wash and do a peeling on ze face first to clean it up so the mask could work it’s magic better. I decided to use my Missha facial mask enriched with Raspberry ingredient which is supposed to make my fatigued skin firm and nourished. Perfect for my now lifeless skin no?

One product I gotta recommend to you guys is The Body Shops Seaweed Pore-cleansing facial exfoliator. Really good if you have an oily/combination skin like me. I have like a reaaaally oily T-zone and it always feels so refreshing after i’ve used it. Smells really fresh too!

The last two pictures are totally unedited, haha! Fortunately, you don’t see my breakouts on the forehead! I’ve never been the type who gets a lot of zits though (lucky me!) so it’s hard for me, seeing my forehead all effed up ;__; Gotta take better care of my skin, huuu!

And oh! oh! oh! Excited much for JYP’s new group, JJ Project?! Hell yeah! But I won’t get too involved though ’cause they’re both 94 liners…pedo-noona warning again!! (EXO in my heart though! My little lambchops!! <3) Makes me miss 2PM…haven’t heard from them in ages. Please come out with something new soon! T.T But but, check out JJ Projects Bounce teaser! Very catchy I must say!

Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish to date

A KPOP idol you wish to date?! A? Just one? You can’t seriously ask me to pick just one…it just doesn’t work that way! I won’t! I can’t! There’s too many hot, sexy, steamy idols I want to date! GAAAH!! Impossibrruuu!!

No, but seriously…the idol that is on the top of my “wanna-date” list right now is, as you all may know by now after all my spazzing and fangirling, my sexy man Kris. Not only is he handsome, divinely sexy and has the sweetest smile in the world but the fact that he knows so many languages gets me going too..gaaaah! I could like communicate with him in cantonese, mandarin, english and korean…*omfgepicspazzmoment!!!* Okey, i’ll stop spazzing now….let’s just enjoy some pictures of him hoho!

Haaa…my man ❤

You’ve got mail!

Today I got a surprise in my mailbox when I got home from school! Can you guess what it is? :3

Hihihihihi!!! Yes, I think you got it right! It’s EXO-M’s minialbum! Mwiiiiiiiiii spazz mode ON!! The album was crazy beautiful that I almost cried :3 Okey, i’m exaggerating…or am I? It’s so funny that most of my friends have become EXO-fans too. Mostly my fault though since i’m constantly talking and spazzing about them and now they’ve caught the “EXO-virus” too as my friend Kristian calls it. Or rather, I’m the virus that keeps infecting people with EXO sickness, hahaha! I remember when I first started to fangirl and spazz about them after their first teaser but no one knew about them at that time so I mostly sat by myself…in the darkness…stalking and spazzing and fantasize about them…*cough*. Now, all of sudden, I have so many friends I can spazz with! Other than Kaede, i’ve also converted Jainie and baby Evy hihihi! So much fun! Jainie’s even more obsessed than I am.. .__. I’ve got to continue to spread the EXO sickness, hoho!

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Screw Friday 13th…

…because i’m actually having a really good day! Today I was supposed to go the clinic to get examinated which I also did and I got this really, really nice nurse who examined me. I was supposed to have another nurse examine me but the other patient she had, took longer time than expected so I got the other nurse. Which was lucky me ’cause I think the first nurse was a bit racist and had like, i’m-so-f*ckin-tired-of-my-life attitude. AND on top of that, she told me that everything would cost around 1000 SEK but when I was done, the other nurse told me I only had to pay 410 SEK! She literally prolonged my life for this month! T^T Oh happy day~

And the good things just kept happening. Got free youghurt while I was walking around town and apparently i’m one of the winners of EXO internationals Debut Project on Facebook! Totally not expecting that! A friend of mine told me to test my luck in the lottery or something but nah.

And now i’m just chilling, watching one of my favorite movies, Miyazakis Howl’s Moving Castle while painting my nails with one of the nail-polishes I got from Seung Eun for my birthday. I really like it! It’s from Skin Food and it actually covers really well on the first layer already.

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Though it needs a second layer to really cover it all BUT i’m very satisfied with it!

And as you know, my dear puppies EXO-K has finally debuted and they appeared on Music Bank today with their first live performance. Their two previous performances were all lipsynced but this time they finally sang both History and MAMA live. Though I sometimes cringed a bit because they were off pitched, I was really proud of my boys! They all did very good but Baekhyun totally owned it and Suho my baby was also very good! D.O I think was very nervous but it’s okey, I know your singing otherwise rocks baby! In my opinion, they did very well for rookies and considering they had to sing while dancing to that hard-ass-difficult choreography, they were amazing!

“Wow, fantastic baby!”

So yes, i’m sitting here blogging again instead of studying…which i’m supposed to do…but i’m not…as usual. I only have myself to blame if tomorrows exam goes bad. No but seriously, it feels like i’ve given up when it comes to the studies. I don’t have the energy left and there’s just so much to do I just wanna freakin throw it on the walls or just burn em up! It’s like i’ve shut down. The only thing that keeps me going now is Korea. GOSH AM I EXCITED?! It’s like 4 months left…unbelievable.

But there’s so much stuff to do before that. All the application paper and stuff. I just applied for a new passport yesterday and today I went to a clinic to get the health certificate done. GOD DAMN is it expensive!! Am only going to test for tuberculosis and hepatitis B but the freakin examination is going to cost me around 1000 SEK. Like freakin rob me and kill me now! *sadface*

Happier news though is that I last weekend had like the most amazing birthday together with my dear friend Tingting . Around 60 of our friends showed up and came to congratulate us. Never had so many friends in one place at the same time before, except for these Asian parties (though it was an Asian party later in the night haha!) so it was really fun. Glad to hear that many of them thought it was a really good party! And I got so many nice gifts it’s crazy! Didn’t really expect any .__. Thank you thank you thank you again guys!

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And Big Bangs “Fantastic Baby” seemed be a real hit with the people! Certainly got the partymood up!

You guys gotta check out this song that my friend introduced to me today! Totally in love with it! It’s from a group called Phantom with their song 얼굴 뚫어지겠다 (Hole In Your Face). Check it out!