Pack pack pack the bag~

Now it’s only like, 12 hours left til i’ll leave for Korea and I still can’t believe that i’m going!! It’s so surreal in a way and this week has been all about saying goodbye to loved ones. Me and Fjó threw a goodbye-party last friday and though it was so stressful and everything got fixed in the last minute, I gotta say that it was a real success! Everybody seemed to have fun and was enjoying themselves and some got more drunk than others and some passed out, but hey, that’s what a party is all about no? ;D

Some pics from the party (took it from some friends on FB heheh)

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Nopp, gotta continue repack my bag and then take a shower and go to sleep! Next time I update will be from Seoul!!! Sleep tight peeps!!

Tearful goodbye

Tonight is my last night in dear ol’ Göteborg and instead of going out clubbing with my friends who’s on visit from Stockholm, I went out to meet two of my best friends, Bunnie and Lovejuice, for a last “fika” before I leave for Stockholm (I feel like such a bad host haha!). I’m usually not the one who burst out in tears easily but when we sat there at the café, talking about me leaving soon and stuff like that, it hit me that i’m actually leaving in about a week and I won’t be able to see my family and my friends for a whole freakin year. I started to get tears in my eyes but I tried to hide it ’cause I hate letting people see me cry.

Didn’t go too well though since Anny busted me and then I just started crying at the café and then Ivy started to cry because I cried and the whole thing just turned into a crying/laughing/eyeliner-getting-smudged party. I’m fearing for tomorrow when I have to say goodbye to my family, especially my mom, because she cries easily and then I won’t be able to hold back either. Well, we’ll always have Skype, right?

Haai, imma better go and finish my packing now.


Love this pic of us three 🙂