New journey, new beginning

I haven’t really dared to create this blog so early because I never knew if I were to have the opportunity to go to South Korea and experience it’s lively culture, food and nature as a student. But just this week I got news from the department in the university who handles the exchange programs, that I’ve gotten nominated to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies for an exchange year. I got so happy that I thought I’d go crazy! I literally shaked because I was so happy! Although it’s just a nomination it’s about 95% chance that’ll get a spot since there’s so many students from Hankuk Uni who comes to Stockholm University to study so there shouldn’t really be a problem.

I’m so so happy that i’ve gotten this opportunity to go to Seoul as a student because not only is the school a perfect way to get new friends but since you’ll be there for so long you’ll get to know the city on a whole other level compared to if you would just visit the city with family or friends for a couple of weeks. Okey, now i’m getting all excited again and it usually ends up with me not being able to sleep since i’m going to think about it the whole night! Kpop-stars, korean food, karaokerooms, hot korean guys *cough*….breaaath!! IIIIIEEEEK!! 6 months left!! Let’s hope the time will fly by!