“Oh, that is totally a Jennifer-song!”

Definition of a Jennifer-songSexy, sultry, good for relaxing, mainly used in baby making-mode. 

My friend Kevin came up with that when we were talking about Wooyoung from 2PM’s latest solo album, 23, Male, Single (Yes, that’s the actual title of the album dotdotdot…) when he suddenly said: “Haha, that’s totally a Jennifer-song!” when we listened to his Be With You. I just burst out in laughter because it’s so totally true. I love slow and sexy RnB songs, everyone knows it by now hahah! So, in this post, I just wanna show some of my favorite slowjams. Enjoy and please, try to contain yourselves ladies and gents.
Let’s start with Wooyoung’s song I mentioned above.

Yeah well, these are just some of em. Hope you enjoyed!

Flight tickets – check!

OH MY GOD….I just booked my tickets to Seoul with wifey over Skype. I can’t….freakin…believe it! *O* &#¤/¤”/#%/%#/#%(%/3 *completely ecstatic right now* BREAAAATH…!! It’s starting to really get to me right now, that i’m actually going to Seoul! I’m sending in my visa application to the embassy tomorrow and then…I think the most important things are fixed except for CSN (Swedish financial aid for studies) which i’m going to fix later in july or i won’t get any money for ze studies, haha! But i’ll worry about that later and enjoy the moment now! I’m so happy!! Someone please kick me in the ass and make sure i’m not dreaming!

Lastly, I just wanna thank my family and relatives because they’ve been so supportive of me. Don’t know how i’d manage without them. I love you guys!

Seoul, wait for me!


57 days left