Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish to date

A KPOP idol you wish to date?! A? Just one? You can’t seriously ask me to pick just one…it just doesn’t work that way! I won’t! I can’t! There’s too many hot, sexy, steamy idols I want to date! GAAAH!! Impossibrruuu!!

No, but seriously…the idol that is on the top of my “wanna-date” list right now is, as you all may know by now after all my spazzing and fangirling, my sexy man Kris. Not only is he handsome, divinely sexy and has the sweetest smile in the world but the fact that he knows so many languages gets me going too..gaaaah! I could like communicate with him in cantonese, mandarin, english and korean…*omfgepicspazzmoment!!!* Okey, i’ll stop spazzing now….let’s just enjoy some pictures of him hoho!

Haaa…my man ❤


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