“Goddamn woman! Wipe the drool out of your face!”

Sitting here, spazzing the hell out of myself with Kaede about EXO. About our biases (in her case it’s Chen with the angel voice and mine, the sexy ass eatable beast Kris!!) and about what we would do if we ever got to meet them. Not some innocents stories here, i’ll tell you that! Almost like you could write a whole fanfic out of this. Yeah, why don’t I?

But nah, we wouldn’t wanna dirty the innocent minds of yours. Or would we…? But if you’ve been following this blog for a while now you all know that I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to spazz and rave and fangirl and think about the boys naked or what I would do if I’d ever encounter them naked, Buddha forbid. So your minds have already been dirtied by me the moment you came to this blog…so maybe a dirty fanfic wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Anyways…*cough* let me end this post with a yummie gif which Kaede linked to me before. I almost wanna eat him up…freakin gorgeous little lamb.



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