Today I have done absolutely NOTHING school related and it feels sooo freakin good! I woke up late, ate, continued my Charmed marathon from yesterday, took a hot, looong shower, fixed my nails and just simply had some “me-time” to take care of myself after all the allnighters I’ve pulled for the exams. le face is like, all destroyed, after the lack of sleep. Had some major breakouts on the forehead and I just look…haggard, as my aunts would say in funny cantonese whenever they see me without makeup. They would always ask me if i’m sick or something because I look so pale and have these freakin huge panda bags under my eyes. Yeah, I know I hide it well. Love you too, dear aunts. Haaai… -__-

So now I’m sitting here, doing facials, which hopefully will make my skin look a little more glowy and refreshed! I went to wash and do a peeling on ze face first to clean it up so the mask could work it’s magic better. I decided to use my Missha facial mask enriched with Raspberry ingredient which is supposed to make my fatigued skin firm and nourished. Perfect for my now lifeless skin no?

One product I gotta recommend to you guys is The Body Shops Seaweed Pore-cleansing facial exfoliator. Really good if you have an oily/combination skin like me. I have like a reaaaally oily T-zone and it always feels so refreshing after i’ve used it. Smells really fresh too!

The last two pictures are totally unedited, haha! Fortunately, you don’t see my breakouts on the forehead! I’ve never been the type who gets a lot of zits though (lucky me!) so it’s hard for me, seeing my forehead all effed up ;__; Gotta take better care of my skin, huuu!

And oh! oh! oh! Excited much for JYP’s new group, JJ Project?! Hell yeah! But I won’t get too involved though ’cause they’re both 94 liners…pedo-noona warning again!! (EXO in my heart though! My little lambchops!! <3) Makes me miss 2PM…haven’t heard from them in ages. Please come out with something new soon! T.T But but, check out JJ Projects Bounce teaser! Very catchy I must say!