Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video

I’m lying here on my bed, mentally exhausted after all the assignments, essays and quizzes and for the first time in like 2 weeks I have N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do! Or yeah, at least not something that’s urgent, so tonight imma just going to chillax and spazz a bit over some EXO-hotness.

Uhm anywaaaays…I was writing my Korean essay yesterday too and I got so tired from sitting 6 hours straight that I just got this crazy kick and did like 50 squats. And yes, i’m paying for it today. I’ve been so tired and lazy today that I haven’t even eaten dinner yet and it’s already 11.15pm…think i’m just going to make some noodles or something…

Yeah, back to the KPOP challenge!
This MV I really, really like alot! The song, the whole video, the story…it really makes you think and it really touched me the first time I saw it.

Ladies and gents, I present to you Sunny Hill – Pray. Watch it and love it!


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