PSY – 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경)

Music, especially K-POP (since we’re in Korea daaah!), are played loudly from the small stores and bars on the street of Seoul. I think it’s so nice and makes the whole street more vibrant and lively but when different stores have different music at the same time it makes all gaaah!! @_________@ but still, it’s nice, haha!

The week that i’ve been here, PSY’s song 뜨거운 안녕 (Feat. 성시경) has been very popular and is frequently played everywhere! Just yesterday I heard it from a guy on a scooter who had this song blasting on a freakishly high volume from his scooter, making it sound over the whole area! I was like: Why do this song sound so familiar..? And when I came home, this song suddenly popped up on my playlist!  Turns out I had this song the whole time when I downloaded his album hahah! And now it’s freakin stuck in my head….-__- Listen and get addicted too!

Another one is the duo Tasty (I know…lame name but supercute guys!!) from the same company as Infinite. They debuted just a few months ago but their debut song, You know me(너 나 알아) has become pretty popular already and the MV is played frequently on TV. The great thing about them is that they’re –88 liners and I can fangirl without being a total pedonoona ehe…hehe…hehehe. Watch the MV and drool with me!


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