Quality time with my gals

Did some catchin up yesterday with two of my most favorite gals. Started out at Bunny’s place and she made an ûberdelicious dinner, specially made just for me ’cause of the diet i’m on right now (can’t say i’ve been very strict with myself though haha T_T) and after that we went out to take a drink at a bar named “Bar Himmel” which I must say was very cozy! Met up with some other friends later for some bootyshaking but didn’t really like the club so me and Ivy went home earlier than the others. So fail hahaha! T_T  But it was nice going out for a change and spending some time with my lovelies!

And today(!) is my lovely mothers birthday so the entire family’s going out to Hard Rock for dinner and then we’re gonna check out the new Batman movie that I’ve heard so much good about. So I have high expectations on the movie now!


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