Home sweet home~


Sorry for being absent these past few days. Last week was hellish with 3 exams, work, packing for the move back home to Göteborg…all of the things really came at the same time! Like why don’t you just kill me now! So these past few days, I have had like 4-5 hours of sleep in total, talk about being dead tired! Had like these huuuge eyebags under my eyes, panda warning! But yeah, there wasn’t really any time to chillax and sleep either because there was just so many things that had to be taken care of and so many to say goodbye to before leaving. And i’m still not done even though school is over. I have like 2 more essays to hand in today and yet, i’m sitting here blogging…FML! 도와주세요 someone ㅠㅠ But but, i’ll just pull my last allnighter and finish these effing essays and then hopefully i’m done!

On a happier note, we celebrated our lovely friend Cal’s 20th birthday last saturday with a bunch of friends in the park, BBQing and just had a great time hanging out with eachother! The evening ended with a quick visit to the casino and me and wifey took the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone because we were both leaving Stockholm on sunday. Fortunately, there were not so many tears shed from the friends or else I wouldn’t be able to contain myself.

A pic from saturday. A part of the gang ^^ Took the picture from a friend hoho!

My tiny room in Göteborg with all of the stuff. So freakin messy right now and there’s like, no space to walk around at all.

Tired me without any make up. I look so dead hahah! T^T

But imma continue with my essays now and update more when I’m finished and feel more alive again! Meanwhile, listen to this awesome song which I found looking through David So’s videos yesterday. It’s a song called Don’t Say Nothin’ feat. JoJo with Jon Mcxro. Awesome song and such a nice beat!


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