No means f*cking no!

Today I experienced something disgusting and a bit traumatic when I was doing my laundry. Still feel freakin disgusted when I think about it. I was just standing there, folding my dry laundry while listening to music when this Indian/Pakistan dude walk towards me and tries to get my attention. Goddammit! Don’t people get that you’re NOT in the mood to talk or socialize when you’re listening to EXO music and just wanna be left alone doing your business? Obviously this dude didn’t get it.

Anyways, I decided to take off my earphones and see what he wanted and it turns out he just wanted to smalltalk and of course I got the question I always get, asking where I’m from.

“You chinese?”
“Yes, yes me chinese. Haai!” … -___-

And he kept asking me random questions and then he said that he wanted to learn some chinese and asked me if I could write down “I wanna learn chinese” in chinese on a paper so he could put it on the notice board to find a tutor. I’m like, sure why not? And I wrote it down and handed the paper to him.

I should’ve realized then that he wanted ME to be his tutor all along because he asked me if I wanted to tutor him. While I was thinking: “Dude, I don’t even know that much chinese myself let alone tutor someone.” I turned him down nicely but the guy was persistent and said that it was okey and when I told him I wouldn’t have any time, he just kept on saying that one hour a week or something would work too. My patience was freakin running out but I still declined him nicely.

Then things just went downhill and it went from tutoring to asking me out on a date! Although I said that I had a boyfriend (always good to lie in occasions like these even though you don’t have one!), he said that he had a girlfriend back in India. And when I kept on saying no, he was like freakin begging me and fucking STROKED my cheek! I was like, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU BASTARD! And then he tried to hug me and my patience just exploded and I just said, back off! Just freakin BACK OFF! He even had the nerve to ask me what room number I had to “hook up” sometime. FUCKING OUT OF HIS MIND! I just told him goodluck to finding a tutor and ran away.

Called Fjóla immediatly and was about to cry. Like seriously. What…dafuq?! Who does that?! Felt so disgusted I had to take a shower immediatly. Huuu…goes back to watch some sexy Kris pics to cheer me up T.T


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