Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

The first song that pops up in my mind when I think of a song that makes me smile is the one with Clazziquai called Sweety. Love the song and the group ever since they first came out with their album Instant Pig, released in 2004. The song, combined with the musicvideo, is what I usually put on when i’m in need of some sunshine in my life. It’s so sweet and a total young and handsome Lee Jun Ki in the video doesn’t make it all too bad either, hihi. Anyways, here’s the video.


3 thoughts on “Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

  1. Clazziquai! I’ve always adored their music. It helps me be happy when I want to, study, focus, etc…

    I have been into their album Mucho Punk recently (it has songs with a bit less electronic and a bit more calm…but it does depend on the song!) I suggest you check out ‘wizard of oz’ by them :]

    • I actually like their older albums more where there was more jazz with a hint of electronica in the songs. Too much of the electronica in the newer ones T.T But i’ll definitely check out the wizard of oz one! Thanks for the tip! 😀

      • If you’re into the ‘jazz’ type songs you might check out ‘chocolate truffles’ (i forget which album it’s from- i think the newer one though…)

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