“Baby, don’t cry tonight ~”

Oh dear Krisus is this song pure awesomeness!!! I absolutely love love LOVE it!! Did I say that I loved it? FREAKIN GIVE ME THE FULL SONG RIGHT NOW!! The waiting is killing me…I soo hoped that Chanyeols nod in the end of his teaser meant that the teasing was finally over and that we were to be shown some real stuff like a MV teaser with a debut date or something. But no, it’s a freakin teaser with Kai again. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Kai. He and Kris have a shared first spot on my bias list *graaaaur* but yeah, I want them to debut…NOW!! T^T

So so so so LOVE IT!! I’m sorry Kai honey, I just couldn’t focus on you and your awesome dancing this time. All my attention went to the heavenly song…haaa..eargasm.


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