F*ckin finally!

I’m a time optimist and always will be a f*cking time optimist no matter how many times I say that i’m going to get better at watching the time and plan my days and homeworks. But no. I think it’s stuck in my freakin bone marrow or something. Or I’ll just have to kick myself harder in the butt and yell to myself: Freakin do your assignments in time!!

This time it was an assignment we had been given a month, a whole MONTH ladies and gents, before due date. And what do I do? I do them 2 days before of course. Wait, it wasn’t even 2 days. The day before due date. Am I smart or am I smart? But it all ended well, thankfully, but it resulted in yuckie hair, big fat eyebags under my eyes and zombie-mode the whole day because I pulled a freakin allnighter to get it done. But, I only have myself to blame. Yeah.

So yeah, that’s basically why I haven’t been updating frequently as usual because there’s so much to do at school. And i’m sooooooooo behind when it comes to the KPOP challenge!! I promise i’ll fix it today, after I’ve taken a very well needed shower. See ya later alligator!

Never want to see this text anymore! Grrrr...!!


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