Lookbook #2

So for this week I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite jackets and accessories. I’m not usually into vintage stuff but last year when I was in Paris with my girls around new years, we also went shopping (daaaah!) and saw this vintage-store. I’ve never really had a huge interest for vintage-shopping and don’t really have the patience to look through all of the old clothes but surprisingly, they actually had some good stuff there! Found some neat stuff never bought em.

This jacket i’m about to show though, my friend accidentally found it and said: “Hey Jennifer, this would look good on you!” and as skeptical as I was towards vintage, I was like: “Pff, naaah. Really? Don’t think so.”  But as I tried it on, I immediately fell in love with it! It did actually look really good on me! It has this kind of 80’s thing going on with the sharp shoulders and has a straight mid-area but I love love love it! Fits in every occasion!

Here I just made it simple because I was going out for dinner with my uncle. I matched the jacket with a pair of black jeans from Dr.Denim and a tank top from Monki. The necklace I absolutely adore since I got it from friend from her trip to Dubai. Then I just have a black leather bracelet with my watch. Bag from Topshop.


4 thoughts on “Lookbook #2

    • Blazers!! That’s the word i’ve been looking for! 😀 I couldn’t come up with the word so I just wrote jacket hahah! But yeah, i know right? I really like the 80’s and 90’s fashion. Just checked out your blog, it’s really cute! 😀

      And thank you for your comment btw! I just started blogging so it’s very encouraging that people likes it ^___^

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