Day 3: Your favorite mixed group

I will only say Sunny Hill. No question about it! There’s really only one word to describe them and that is AWESOME! I first heard them when they released their musicvideo for their single Pray and since then they’ve stuck on me. The musicvideo was disturbingly good! Although I didn’t really get what they were singing about, it made me shed a tear. For reals…don’t laugh. I bet you a cookie that you won’t be able to NOT be moved by the video.

I absolutely love that Sunny Hill always has a well thought-out musicvideo. Like this MV for example….mm yeah, i’m just going to copy a fellow youtubers comment cause it was really good.

“The MV seems to follow the story of ‘Frankenstein’, as we see a monster with human qualities try to escape from his prison. He’s involved with a beautiful young woman who seems to be both his captor and hunter.” Deep MV make you wonder who’s the monster. Also the loneliness from the monster or the music as a whole. The ending was show more than 1 test subject.”

The dude in the movie is a part of the group but he doesn’t contribute vocally (he sure can sing though!) BUT! He’s the leader and composes most (maybe even all!) of their songs. This group and MV definitely deserves more attention and views. SUNNY HILL FIGHTING!!

Sunny Hill


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