Lookbook #1

So this is my first lookbook post. Yay me! My style has constantly been changing over the years and let me tell you I was NOT one of the most fashionable people in my younger teens! I thought: “As long as the clothes fitted me, why would I even bother how it looked?” and looking back at the older pictures now, like, how in the WORLD could i’ve worn those pants or that shirt?!

Gradually when mom let me choose my own outfit (occasionally) I discovered that I DID actually enjoy looking good and dress myself in the clothes I liked, not the ones my mom chose for me. A pair of mustard-colored tweedpants and a pink flowery top (no kidding, an actual outfit!) paired up with the typical chinese bowl cut. Not a very pretty sight I tell you!

Luckily, after some time, she let me dress the way I wanted and with the clothes I liked. And may I say, I do a pretty good job most of the times. We’ve all had our ups and downs and you know what they say, “You learn from your mistakes!”. I’m still learning!

I really like korean fashion especially and that’s where I got most of my inspiration from. If you were to describe it with one word, i’d say it’d be…casually chic. I LOVE LOVE oversize! BUT! As long as you pair it with something tight like if you have an oversized cardigan, wear a pair of leggings to. AND! I absolutely love jackets! Oversize, tailored…fits in every occasion!

Here’s a cardigan I bought not to long ago from Yesstyle. The brand is Redopin. They have really nice clothes!


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