Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

Hm…my favorite k-pop girl group. I usually don’t listen to girl groups mainly because asian girl groups are too cutesy dutesy and just drips of honey. Or i’m just a freakin pedo-noona who loves young boys.*cough*

No, but seriously I haven’t really found a girl group that I can totally obsess over. Sure i’ve liked some hitsongs like, Gee and Tell me your wish (both from Girls Generation), Kara’s Honey, 4minutes Muzik, BEG Abracadabra and so on. But their other songs in the albums haven’t really caught my attention EXCEPT for 2NE1! AHMAJGAD! They’re so fierce, so cool, so damn badass, so damn sassy i wanna be them…yeah you get my point.

I think I actually like every, okey almost every, song that they’ve released! My favorite songs from them are Can’t Nobody and It Hurts. And OH! I’m the best! Let’s not forget that one! It’s so awesome I gotta show you guys the musicvideo but you’ve probably already seen it. I mean, who hasn’t? I’m still going to show it to you guys though. I don’t care if you’ve seen it. Just freakin watch it again! He he…

Peace out!


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