Day 1: Your favorite k-pop guy group

So my favorite k-pop guy group ay? Gosh i’ve had SO many favorites throughout the time! And it doesn’t exactly help that they all are so freakin god damn yummie gorgeous either! I remember that it started with Shinhwa…oh dear buddha did I love them! At that time we had limited internet connection and my stalkingskills weren’t fully developed yet…*cough* So I just raved at everything I could come by. THANK GOD FOR ARIRANG TV AND POPS IN SEOUL! Don’t know how i’d survive without you guys! ㅠㅠ

Eventually when the technology got better, I could spend more time on the internet without it dying everytime someone freakin called. You guys remember those times right? ㄱ_ㄱAnd here’s when I discovered Dong Bang Shin Gi…*heavenly music* My heroes, my gods, my sex beasts…(yeah you get my point) From that day on I was fully dedicated to them.

Even though new (and sometimes hotter) boybands debuted over time, they really didn’t get me rave and worship them as much as DBSK had done. All from 2PM, 2AM, SHINee, B2ST(Betwost hahaha, gotta love Simon and Martina), MBLAQ, Big Bang…UNTIL! SM entertainment announced their new boyband, EXO. After watching the first teaser with the first revealed member Kai…like seriously I just wanted to eat the goddamn sexy hip-thrusting thing heavenly lambmeat up! I kept raping the replaybutton while SM ent. kept on releasing teaser to teaser just to tease us. I haven’t had the urge to kill someone more than now, like “JUST FREAKIN RELASE ALL THE DAMN TEASER GODDAMNIT AND LET THEM DEBUT ALREADY!” Like 12 teasers aren’t enough! There’s still more coming…

But yeah, I think i’ve tortured you guys long enough with my fan-girling (it’s a wonder you guys even read it all!) so to sum it all up, my favorite boyband is, and forever will be, DBSK. Cassies (DBSK fans) are probably going to kill me for saying this but I actually like just the two of them together, Yunho and Changmin. They’re doing pretty awesome with their latest album, Keep your head down. Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE Before U GO!! So, imma end this post with that musicvideo. Enjoy the hotness~


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